‘ONE Warrior Series 8: Japan vs the World’ fight card: De’von Morris vs Emmanuel Onyedikachi, Ryoji Kudo vs Jerry Olsim

'ONE Warrior Series 8: Japan vs the World' fight card

  • Promotion: ONE Championship
  • Title: “ONE Warrior Series 8: Japan vs the World”
  • Venue: Bellesalle Shibuya Garden, Shibuya City, Tokyo, Japan
  • Date: October 5, 2019

Main Event
De’von Morris vs Emmanuel Onyedikachi
Mixed Martial Arts: 83.9kg

Co-Main Event
Ryoji Kudo vs Jerry Olsim
Mixed Martial Arts: 70.3kg

Ayaka Miyauchi vs Sandra Godvik
Muay Thai (4oz. gloves): 52.2kg

Kodai Murata vs Min Jong Song
Mixed Martial Arts: 65.8kg

Koki Naito vs Alex Schild
Mixed Martial Arts: 61.2kg

Kazumasa Sugawara vs Ali Motamed
Mixed Martial Arts: 70.3kg

Hikaru Yoshino vs Chan Samart
Mixed Martial Arts: 65.8kg

Satomi Takano vs So Yul Kim
Mixed Martial Arts: 52.2kg

Takuya Nagata vs Otgonbaatar Nergui
Mixed Martial Arts: 77.1kg

Asuka Tsubaki vs Long La
Mixed Martial Arts: 70.3kg

Ryuichi Yamashita vs Ahmed Faez Anuar
Mixed Martial Arts: 77.1kg

Koki Shimokawa vs Sean Rush
Kickboxing (4oz. gloves): 77.1kg

Yuko Suzuki vs Edilah Johany
Mixed Martial Arts: 52.2kg

Hiroyasu Sakurai vs Shimamura Naoki
Mixed Martial Arts: 74kg

Shoa Arii vs Lehe
Kickboxing (8oz. gloves): 55kg

Kanta Motoyama vs Cep Holick
Kickboxing (8oz. gloves): 56.7kg


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