ZEN Rooms, Selah Hotels welcome Miss Asia Pacific International 2019 candidates

Michael Raquiza, Amit Shukla

Michael Raquiza, Amit Shukla

Hotel chain ZEN Rooms officially welcomed the candidates of Miss Asia Pacific International 2019 by throwing off a party to remember at the ZEN Premium Selah Garden in Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines on October 3, 2019. Conan Daily attended the exclusive pool party, which kicked off the exciting activities that ZEN Rooms has lined up for the candidates during their stay at the hotel this season.

On August 29, 2019, ZEN Rooms announced its partnership with Miss Asia Pacific International. The hotel chain is the newest home of all the candidates and during their stay, they will get to enjoy urban adventure and relaxing activities like high-rope, zip line, scuba diving lessons along with rejuvenating spa and massage.

During the exclusive event, which was also attended by Zen Rooms Philippines country head Michael Raquiza, the Miss Asia Pacific International 2019 candidates introduced themselves, mingled with the media and guests and truly showed the world a glimpse of the ultimate Queens they are meant to be. This not only helped the guests know them better but also guided them in determining their vote for the ZEN Darling of the Night award which will also help ZEN Rooms choose its brand ambassador.

“It’s exciting to host the 50 plus candidates from across the globe at ZEN Rooms this pageant season and we can’t wait to provide them the ZEN experience that they deserve,” ZEN Rooms Philippines regional marketing director Amit Shukla stated. “Aside from a comfortable stay, we have planned multiple events and activities to make their stay memorable.”

“As a start, we would not want to miss out on the chance of throwing an unforgettable welcome party for these queens from all over the world,” Shukla continued. “We want to show them how hospitable the Philippines is and ZEN Rooms will always showcase that same hospitality to each of our guests.”

Representing countries from Asia Pacific and the Americas, 54 candidates are vying for the Miss Asia Pacific International 2019 crown. During the party at the ZEN Premium Selah Garden , Conan Daily was able to interview five candidates:

Fiorella Cortez Árbenz, 25, Costa Rica

Jessica Victoria Cianchino, 21, Canada

Monalisa Sona, 25, India

Ayuri Konno, 22, Japan

Adedoyin Queen Abiodun, 25, Nigeria

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