List of 16 songs in ‘Head in the Clouds II’ by 88rising

'Head in the Clouds' poster

Executive produced by Joji, “Head In The Clouds II” highlights new material from 88rising’s core crew of Rich Brian, Joji, NIKI, AUGUST 08 and Higher Brothers. It features unprecedented global collaborations with Wang, Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd, Major Lazer, GoldLink, Phum Viphurit and GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE, among others.

Across 16 tracks, “Head In The Clouds II” spans six countries namely the United States, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, South Korea and China for a cohesive sound that blends elements of vintage R&B, hip-hop, disco and forward-thinking pop. Here are the tracks included in the album:

  1. 88rising, Rich Brian, CHUNG HA – “These Nights”
  2. 88rising, NIKI, Phum Viphurit – “Strange Land”
  3. 88rising, Joji, GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE – “Need Is Your Love”
  4. 88rising, Jackson Wang, Higher Brothers – “Tequila Sunrise” (feat. AUGUST 08 & GoldLink)
  5. 88rising, Joji, Jackson Wang – “Walking” (feat. Swae Lee & Major Lazer)
  6. 88rising, Joji, Don Krez – “Breathe”
  7. 88rising, NIKI, Rich Brian – “Shouldn’t Couldn’t Wouldn’t”
  8. 88rising, RHYME SO – “Just Used Music Again”
  9. 88rising, NIKI – “Indigo”
  10. 88rising, AUGUST 08, Joji – “Hopscotch” (feat. Barney Bones & Rich Brian)
  11. 88rising, AUGUST 08, Barney Bones – “Calculator”
  12. 88rising, NIKI – “La La Lost You”
  13. 88rising, Higher Brothers – “Hold Me Down”
  14. 88rising, Stephanie Poetri, Jackson Wang – “I Love You 3000 II”
  15. 88rising, Rich Brian, Higher Brothers – “2 The Face”
  16. 88rising, Rich Brian – “Gold Coast”

Order “Head In The Clouds II” here:

Chech the exclusive Sorayama-designed “Head In The Clouds II” 3M merch capsule here:

The “I Love You 3000 II” video comes just after the release of “Head in the Clouds II,” which was released on October 11, 2019 via the American mass media company 88rising and exclusively distributed by 12Tone Music. Since its release, the album has already accumulated over 50 million streams.

The duet is a remix of Poetri’s original “I Love You 3000” and references Tony Stark’s indelible line in the blockbuster movie “Avengers: Endgame.” The original “I Love You 3000” was a viral phenomenon, amassing more than 150 streams since its release on June 3, 2019, topping Spotify’s Global Viral 50 for four weeks and inspiring countless covers and fan videos across the internet.

Compare the original “I Love You 3000” video with the new “I Love You 3000 II” video here:

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