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Pancrase champ Takasuke Kume beats Shooto champ Koshi Matsumoto at ‘ONE: Century 世紀’ in Tokyo, Japan

Koshi Matsumoto, Motohiro Tsuruwa, Takasume Kume (©ONE Championship)

Koshi Matsumoto, Motohiro Tsuruwa, Takasume Kume (©ONE Championship)

Shooto Lightweight Champion Koshi “Luxor” Matsumoto, 36, of Tokyo, Japan and Pancrase Lightweight Champion Takasuke “Hawk” Kume, 34, of Nagoya, Aichi, Japan battled it out at “ONE: Century 世紀” in Tokyo on October 12, 2019. It was the latter who emerged as the victor.

Featuring mixed martial arts, Muay Thai and kickboxing matches, “ONE: Century 世紀” took place at the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo. Both fighting out of Japan, Matsumoto and Kume competed in an MMA bout in the lightweight division in the first bout of the second part.

Motohiro Tsuruwa served as the referee. It was a closely contested bout through three rounds.

Both Matsumoto and Kume did tremendous work in stand-up and grappling exchanges. After three five-minute rounds, the lightweight contest was left in the hands of the judges and in the end, Tsuruwa raised the hand of the reigning Pancrase Lightweight Champion, who was declared the winner via unanimous decision.

Training out of ALIVE, Kume is now riding a two-bout winning streak. Winning at “ONE: Century 世紀” improved his professional MMA record to 23 wins, 6 losses and 3 draws.

On the other hand, Matsumoto now has 20 wins, 9 losses and 2 draws. He is training out of Master Japan.

Born in Nagoya on April 28, 1985, Kume has been competing professionally since 2007. On September 11, 2016, he won the Pancrase Lightweight Championship title by knocking out Kazuki Tokudome at “Pancrase 280” in Tokyo.


“ONE: Century 世紀” was the second ONE Championship event held in Japan. It marked the martial arts organization’s 100th live event.

Including Japan, 18 countries were represented in the two parts of “ONE: Century 世紀.” The others were Algeria, Belarus, Brazil, China, France, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and the United States.

Matsumoto and Kume were among the 12 fighters who represented Japan. Watch the highlights of “ONE: Century 世紀” part 2 here:

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