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Book a RedDoorz room in the Philippines for 499 pesos only this October



RedDoorz has a special promo in the Philippines in time for the holidays. For October 2019, the affordable hotel chain and technology-driven hotel management company is offering rooms at 499 pesos for overnight stay at selected hotels nationwide.

Rent a room to help make shopping more comfortable.

Shopping and walking while carrying all those bags and packages in your arms can be really uncomfortable. To avoid dropping or missing a package or two increases with each new purchase, better have a place to leave those bags and free the hands and shop more at store counters.

Check into a nearby RedDoorz hotel with its latest promo. Deposit all those bags and packages, go out and shop and maybe even grab a bite or drink in between.

Beat the traffic with an overnight stay at an affordable but clean and comfy hotel.

Traffic jam in the Philippines getting worse partly due to holiday mall sales and night markets. Many Filipinos decide to let the traffic subside by staying at restaurants or roaming around malls a little bit longer only to find out that a thousand other mall-goers are thinking the same thing so they all get caught in the jam and the traffic is still heavy even up to midnight.

Bypass the stress and the traffic. Check the RedDoorz app and look for the nearest RedDoorz hotel, book a room, let the thought of the traffic melt away, enjoy a warm shower and savor the clean sheets to a relaxing overnight stay at very affordable rates.

Cook up a quick, low-budget holiday party and save big bucks.

It is hard to find a get-together place during holidays. Restaurants are fully booked, bars are crowded and event places are too expensive.

Instead of looking for a costly place and spending lots of money on food and beverages, hold a holiday party at a nearby RedDoorz hotel. Get a different vibe and lots of time to chill and while on a low budget theme, ditch the fancy foods and just party on healthy foods and drinks.

Have a happy, cost-efficient holiday.

Don’t be afraid to pursue a dream holiday staycation. Celebrate with family and friends anytime anywhere in the Philippines.

RedDoorz’s affordable hotel rates, even those not included in the 499-peso promo, allows Filipinos experience and enjoy travel as much as they want, near or far.

RedDoorz now has 200 partner hotels all over the Philippines from way up north in Baguio to Pampanga, Metro Manila, Tagaytay and Palawan in Luzon all the way down south to Visayas and Mindanao including Cebu, Iloilo, Dumaguete, Bacolod, Tacloban, Bohol, Davao, Cagayan De Oro and Boracay.

The best holiday celebration yet could be just a RedDoorz away. Download the RedDoorz app on Google Play Store and App Store to find your perfect location this Holiday season.

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