Rodrigo Duterte witnesses Gretchen Barretto vs Marjorie Barretto fight?

On October 16, 2019, Rodrigo Duterte, 74, went to the funeral of Miguel Barretto, the father of actresses Gretchen Barretto, 49, Marjorie Barretto, 45, and Claudine Barretto, 40. The president of the Philippines reportedly tried to be the peacemaker between Gretchen and Marjorie, who have not been in good terms, but failed to do so.

Recently, Marjorie’s daughter Julia Barretto, 22, was accused of being the cause of the breakup of actors Bea Alonzo, 32, and Gerald Anderson, 30. Gretchen was vocal about her support, not for Julia, but for Alonzo.

During the funeral of the family’s patriarch, Duterte reportedly asked Gretchen, who he considers as a staunch supporter, to shake hands with Marjorie out of respect for their late father. Gretchen tried to obey the president’s request as she was the older sister after all but Marjorie refused, according to sources.

Infuriated, Marjorie accused Gretchen of being fake, sources said. The younger sister reportedly said her older sister was just trying to be nice just because the president was there.

”Marjorie was obviously mainit (fuming),” one source told ABS-CBN News. “You can see it in her body language. Si Gretchen, kalmado lang (Gretchen was just calm).”

In a statement to the publication, Gretchen said Duterte “was asking Marjorie to shake my hand for the sake of respect of my father but Marjorie was not happy that I was there to reunite with family.” The eldest child of the Barretto family said it was “all so nice until Marjorie had a nervous breakdown.”

While Duterte was talking to some members of the family, Gretchen was talking to some friends when she was attacked by one of her nieces, according to the sources. The actress reportedly retaliated by grabbing her niece by the hair.

The scuffle was stopped by the Presidential Security Group members. Gretchen reportedly apologized to Duterte, who was shocked by the incident.

Duterte went to the funeral with Senator Bong Go, 45. Meanwhile, here is a clip of their arrival at the wake from Claudine:

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