Miss Grand International 2019 predictions, poll: Samantha Lo, Shivani Jadhav, Marjorie Correa Angelotti, Karina Kiseleva, Lourdes Valentina Figuera Morales

Reigning Miss Grand International 2018 Clara Sosa, 26, of Paraguay will crown her successor on October 25, 2019 in Caracas, Venezuela. A total of 60 candidates are vying for the crown.

The Miss Grand International 2019 coronation night will take place at Poliedro de Caracas in Caracas. I believe that the following candidates will make it to the semi-finals but may not reach the Top 5:

  • Emily Irene Delgado, 23, United States
  • Ainara de Santamaría Villamor, 23, Spain
  • Patrycja Woźniak, 20, Poland
  • Adeline Minatoya, 25, Japan
  • Mirea Sorrentino, 21, Italy
  • Elaine González, 25, Cuba
  • Génesis Andrea Quintero Pérez, 26, Colombia
  • Brianna Plouffe, 20, Canada
  • Coco Arayha Suparurk, 24, Thailand
  • Nguyễn Hà Kiều Loan, 19, Vietnam
  • Kamilla Khusainova, 21, Russia
  • María Fernanda Malo Juvera Raimond Kedilhac, 22, Mexico
  • Hazel Marie Ortíz Méndez, 22, Puerto Rico


For me, the candidates who are likely to be the five finalists are the representatives of Belarus, Brazil, India, the Philippines and Venezuela. I believe this will be the order:

Predicted 4th runner-up

Lourdes Valentina Figuera Morales, 19, Venezuela


Predicted 3rd runner-up

Karina Kiseleva, 22, Belarus


Predicted 2nd runner-up

Marjorie Marcelle Corrêa Angelotti, 23, Brazil


Predicted 1st runner-up

Shivani Jadhav, 23, India


Predicted Miss Grand International 2019

Samantha Ashley Lo, 26, Philippines


How about you? Who do you think will win Miss Grand International 2019?

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