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Gretchen Barretto follows Raffy Tulfo on Instagram

Raffy Tulfo, 59, is the most recent celebrity linked to the family drama of the Barrettos in the Philippines. On October 23, 2019, the Filipino broadcast journalist was followed on Instagram by Gretchen Barretto, 49, the fifth child of the late Miguel Alvir Barretto and Estrella “Inday” Castelo Barretto, 82.

Tulfo has more than 607,000 followers of Instagram. He is following only five accounts, which are those of his wife Jocelyn Pua Tulfo, their daughter Maricel Pua Tulfo, his network TV5, his former “Raffy Tulfo in Action” co-host Niña Taduran and RTIA Merchandise, which sells “Raffy Tulfo in Action” items.


On Instagram, Gretchen has more than 1.5 million followers. She is only following 192 accounts, including that of Tulfo.

This made netizens speculate that Gretchen is planning to enlist the help of Raffy to fix her feud against her sister Marjorie Barretto, 45. He is known for fixing family problems on his TV5 show “Raffy Tulfo in Action.”

One of the common denominators of Gretchen and Raffy is their support for Rodrigo Duterte, 74. On October 16, 2019, the president of the Philippines visited the wake of Miguel at The Heritage Park in Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines.


The presidential visit became controversial. Aware of the feud between Gretchen and Marjorie, Duterte tried to ask the sisters to shake hands as a sign of respect for their late father.

But Marjorie refused the request of the president. In an interview with Karen Davila aired on “TV Patrol” on ABS-CBN on October 22, 2019, she explained her side of the story.

Sabi ko (I said), ‘Mr. President, I respect you, I love you, I voted for you, Sir,” Marjorie shared. “Pasensya na po. Hindi po kita mapagbibigyan. (I am sorry. I cannot grant your request.)

“I could see her face,” Marjorie said of Gretchen. “I could see the insincerity in Gretchen. I know her the most.”

Another common denominator of Raffy and Gretchen is Claudine Barretto, 40, the youngest sister of the latter. In 2012, Claudine and her former husband Raymart Santiago had a controversial rift against Raffy and his brothers Ben Tulfo and Erwin Tulfo but they have all reconciled.

Raffy has yet to follow Gretchen back on Instagram. Meanwhile, here is his message to Gretchen, Marjorie and Claudine:

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