Gretchen Barretto praises Rodrigo Duterte, asks Marjorie Barretto to relax

Miguel Alvir Barretto, the father of actresses Gretchen Barretto, 49, Marjorie Barretto, 45, and Claudine Barretto, 40, passed away on October 15, 2019. On October 16, 2019, Rodrigo Duterte, 74, went to The Heritage Park in Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines for the wake.

It made headlines not because Duterte paid a visit. It was what ensued thereafter that became a national concern in the Philippines.

Before going to the wake, the president of the Philippines was made aware that Gretchen and Claudine were not in good terms with Marjorie. He tried to be the channel of reconciliation between the sisters but instead, it fueled the family feud.

On October 22, 2019, Marjorie talked about the family feud in an interview with Karen Davila, which was aired on “TV Patrol” on ABS-CBN. According to Marjorie, had Gretchen paid a visit to the hospital when their father was still alive, she would have hugged her older sister without the presence of the cameras.

Previously, Gretchen claimed that Marjorie refused when Duterte asked them to shake hands. Marjorie did not deny this.

Sabi ko (I said), ‘Mr. President, I respect you, I love you, I voted for you, Sir,” Marjorie explained. “Pasensya na po. Hindi po kita mapagbibigyan. (I am sorry. I cannot grant your request.)

“I could see her face,” Marjorie said of Gretchen. “I could see the insincerity in Gretchen. I know her the most.”

Claudine was infuriated when Marjorie refused to shake hands with Gretchen as requested by Duterte, according to Marjorie. The reason why Marjorie was also infuriated, she explained, was the fact that Gretchen arrived at the wake with Charlie “Atong” Ang, 62.

As Marjorie claimed, Ang had a five-year relationship with her niece Nicole Barretto, daughter of  Joaquin “JJ” Barretto, 57, and Marichi Ramos. Nicole received messages from Ang’s relatives to the wake because Ang and Gretchen were about to arrive, according to Marjorie.

Because of the tension, the Presidential Security Group had to interfere. Marjorie claimed that Duterte took her away to the farthest couch.

“Si Gretchen ang nag-nervous breakdown (It was Gretchen who had a nervous breakdown),” Marjorie said. “She ran after Nicole, pulled Nicole’s hair, kicked Nicole. She beat up my niece.”

After the airing of Marjorie’s interview, Gretchen took to Instagram to respond. Gretchen said she did not have the power to orchestrate a grand entrance with Duterte, who was just kind enough to offer to see her at the wake.

Moreover, Gretchen commented that Marjorie was highly paranoid and was radiating with so much anger and envy. The older sister asked her younger sister to relax.

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