List of songs in Got7 member Jackson Wang’s ‘MIRRORS’ album

Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang, 25, released his debut solo album “MIRRORS” out everywhere via Western and 6th on October 25, 2019. To commemorate the release, the GOT7 member unveiled the music video for “TITANIC” featuring Indonesian rapper Rich Brian.

“’MIRRORS’ encapsulates eight songs, eight mirrors and eight soulmates who fully understand your inner emotions,” Wang said. “Pain, hard work, self-confidence, positivity, passion. Each song shows your true thoughts in different stages of life, reflects your different mental journeys, and portrays the emotions you don’t know how to express.”

“TITANIC” is one of the two collaboration songs in “MIRRORS.” Here is the complete track list:

  3. “DWAY!”
  5. “BAD BACK” featuring GoldLink
  6. “TITANIC” featuring Rich Brian
  7. “FADED”
  8. “爱” (“I Love You 3000” Chinese Version)


Through “MIRRORS,” Wang utilizes both his Chinese roots and painstaking anecdotes to cement himself as one of the most exhilarating and endearing artists of our time. Highlight tracks from from the album include the first single from the album “BULLET TO THE HEART,” which immediately peaked at number 1 on the Twitter global trending chart.

“DWAY!” was viewed over 2 million times on YouTube in less than 48 hours. “Bad Back” marks Wang’s third collaboration with Grammy-nominated artist Goldlink and is about a recently repaired relationship that has been broken again.

In 2018, Wang immersed himself in the creative process. Other chart topping singles that display his writing, composition and arrangement ability include “Different Game” featuring Gucci Mane, which reached number 1 on the US iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap Chart and “Fendiman” which transcended both musical and cultural heights as the first record from a Chinese artist to chart number 1 on the US iTunes Single Chart and Pop Chart.

Listen to “MIRRORS” here. Watch the “TITANIC” music video here:

Get “MIRRORS” on Team Wang.  Follow Wang on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and his official website.


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