Prestone joins NLEX Corporation’s Safe Trip Mo, Sagot Ko anew


Coolant, brake fluid and engine oil brand Prestone is joining anew the NLEX Corporation’s Safe Trip Mo, Sagot Ko. The assistance program aims to provide hassle-free travel experience to motorists traversing the North Luzon Expressway, Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) and the Manila-Cavite Expressway (CAVITEX).

To help prepare for a safer and more convenient journey, Prestone reminds motorists to look closely at their BLOCBAGETS. This handy mnemonic stands for brakes, lights, oil, coolant, battery, air, gas, engine, tire and self, which are all the things needed to check before using the car for a long drive to prevent accidents or breakdowns.


To check if the brake system is not faulty, push the brake pedal all the way to the floor. It should not feel spongy and it must have little to no resistance.

Make sure the brake fluid and other parts are still in good condition. Otherwise, ask a mechanic check if parts replacement, cleaning or flush and fill of brake fluid is needed.


Inspect your auto lights, such as the headlights, turn signal signals, brake lights, reverse lights and tail lights to ensure safety for nighttime driving. To confirm if they are working properly, test all the lights and check if the light beam reflects on the wall.

It also pays to check the lights for dirt, cracks, and breakage. If there will be any, have them cleaned or fixed.


Cars need oil to lubricate its small engine components. Checking the engine’s oil level and color is important to keep the engine working and to prevent dealing with expensive repairs.

When oil is below the minimum level, it is time to refill. Look for leaks, as well, since they signify that the car is losing oil quickly.


Coolant is the fluid that absorbs heat from the engine and then dissipates it through the radiator. To prevent the overheating nightmare, a simple check if the car has the right level of coolant can save the day.


Before getting in the car, make sure that the battery is well-charged and has clean terminals and check if the cable-to-terminal connection is placed. This will prevent being stuck on the roadside because the battery dies in the middle of driving.


The car’s tires should always be properly inflated to prevent accidents and decreased fuel efficiency. Use a tire pressure gauge to check if the tire, regardless if it is old or new, has the right inflation.


Do not forget to check the fuel level through the fuel gauge before taking thecar for a drive. Ensuring a full gas tank, especially during long drives, can save motorists from the stress of looking for a gas station or being stuck in the middle of the road.


Check for engine problems, such as leaks and other sounds like pinging, tapping, knocking or any weird noise, which may hint at any issues. If any of these are present, then better have a mechanic check it.


Worn-out tires can lead to accidents. Before a long trip, check the tires for bumps, tears and other signs of damage.


Lastly, be well-prepared for a long drive. The driver must be physically and emotionally fit to drive, free from sickness, dizziness, alcohol and tiredness so sleep well before the long drive.


To help motorists with their auto care needs, Prestone will provide free top ups and 5-minute vehicle check in specific locations along NLEX, SCTEX, and CAVITEX. From October 30, 2019 to November 3, 2019 at 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., visit the Prestone roadside SMSK motorist camps in SCTEX Floridablanca Lay-by (Subic bound) and CAVITEX Paranaque toll plaza and Kawit toll plaza.

Also, Prestone will also be present in Petron Lakeshore along NLEX Outbound, Mexico Pampanga; Caltex Mega Station in NLEX-SB, San Felipe, San Fernando, Pampanga; and Shell of Asia in E1, Guiguinto, Bulacan to provide additional information as well as exciting games and freebies. Product from the brand will be available through its STMSK in Caltex Drive and Dine along NLEX Valenzuela, Metro Manila.

To know more about PRESTONE and the Safe Trip Mo, Sagot Ko campaign, visit its website at

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