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The technology that’s changed MMA training

Over the last few years, mixed martial arts have become increasingly mainstream with the combat sport drawing more extensive attention across the globe. The influence of stars such as Conor McGregor, Jon Jones and Ronda Rousey, for example, have played a massive part in taking the sport to new, unprecedented heights. Much like in any other industry, various factors are always evolving as technology continues to become increasingly advanced.

As a result, we’re going to look at some of the developments that have changed MMA training camps.

Altitude Masks

While there is some level of disagreement surrounding the use of altitude masks within MMA training, such equipment can prove highly beneficial to top-level fighters. Back in June 2015, the at-the-time Heavyweight champion, Cain Velasquez, lost his title to Fabricio Werdum at UFC 148’s main event. Throughout the early stages of his career, the now 37-year-old was known as ‘Cardio Cain’, but having given himself only two weeks to adjust to Mexico’s altitude, he failed to deliver the same dominant performance that many fans had come to expect.

With the difference in cardiovascular performance becoming apparent, coaches sought to ensure that top-level athletes were able to reach their peak, even in altitude-testing locations. Over the course of their UFC careers, former champions such as Anderson Silva and Rashad Evans have embraced altitude-related technology. The equipment is primarily used to develop and strengthen respiratory systems, in addition to simulating in-fight situations of adversity. Through incorporating the mask into different training exercises, including push-ups and treadmill sprints, fighters are more likely to be prepared for bouts in locations like Mexico in the future.


Aside from the cardio element of fighting, numerous pieces of technology seek to improve striking aspects of the sport. With the iPunch app, fighters can track their progression across several different facets of their stand-up game, including the number of punches thrown, the type and the velocity. Attached to the top of your wrists, the trackers ensure high accuracy data with 6,000 data points analyzing every punch.

When you break down the fighting styles of some of the sport’s very best, they often look for similar punch combinations. Just as importantly, they also repeatedly drill them in training. Much like in other sporting activities, developing winning routines is vital to sustained success. In soccer, for example, world-renowned managers like Pep Guardiola have achieved long-term accomplishments as a result of consistently working on various patterns of play. Outside of sport, this is also pivotal to the iGaming sector. Within bingo online, lines are the most popular pattern across all variations of the game, while other alternatives, including T and U shape formations, represent other jackpot-winning arrangements.

The Need to Constantly Evolve

Due to the nature of MMA, fighters continually need to evolve to ensure that, every time they step into the cage, they’re fully equipped to deal with any scenario. From potential fight-winning combinations to a developed respiratory system capable of overcoming adversity, patterns and preparation mustn’t be overlooked.

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