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Facing life’s anxieties: Alternative activities for motivation

graffiti in Finland (©Aarón Blanco Tejedor)

graffiti in Finland (©Aarón Blanco Tejedor)

Motivation is not easy to find in our busy day and age, but the need still exists and, subsequently, a market too. Friendly pats on the back are no longer the only way to stay positive about the future. Alternative options await your attention and are here to keep you inspired. In addition to the likes of the popular Daily Fitness Quotes app – supplier of mottos to put a spring in your step – fitness, artistic and advisory practices are available too. Such activities offer unconventional entertainment and motivation, all valued by people in stressful situations.

Exercise is always a good motivator, scientifically proven to improve your wellbeing – emotional and physical – while reducing stress and depression. There are plenty of trending activities you could pick up, like hiking, bouldering, cross fit, martial arts and more. But trying an unusual active hobby, especially something you normally overlook or don’t feel confident about doing well in, can help demonstrate your special worth. Ballroom dancing can give you better rhythm and poise. Or put your body to the parkour test and feel an “Assassin’s Creed” jolt to your pride. For extra fun, why not try a LARP event? Dress up as a knight wielding a sword and shield. Leap into a fantastical battle, exercising body and imagination.

Sometimes, however, staying still is better for motivation than being constantly on the go. Crafts for adults are an excellent way to get the creative juices flowing while building confidence in your skills. Paint by numbers books are a popular activity – or perhaps signing up for an actual class appeals to you more. The internet is also full of DIY arts and crafts guides for adults, to include crochet sandals, fairy gardens, bathroom organizers and even Barbie zombies. What unique activities like these can do is keep your hands happily busy, prove your ability to complete fun, sometimes tricky projects and, most importantly, help you feel comfortable working on something by yourself. Additionally, the quiet and methodical process of arts and crafts relaxes the brain and can inspire alternative ideas for bigger ventures.

If fitness and art don’t quite fit your motivational needs, a person will likely do a better job. Local professionals, from business advisors to life coaches and fortune-tellers, can easily be found, as can online services listing skilled psychics to connect with. Clairvoyant practices are primarily intuitive and can be performed without Readers having to be in the same room as you. A call or live chat can provide perceptive tarot readings focused on specific ventures or problems. This complete stranger could in fact point out issues and considerations that never crossed your restless mind. Active routes are worthwhile in their own right, but joining minds with another person to lay down a plan of action instills double the motivation.

Whatever causes such a need for comfort and advice – a startup, looming event or obstacle – it often demands a step back, a deep breath and an open mind for solutions to become clear. Alternative activities are sources of insightful distraction that can help switch off and motivate an overthinking brain.

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