Miss World 2019 predictions: Michelle Dee vs Dana Mononen vs Nyekachi Douglas?

In 2018, the crowned Miss World was one of our predicted runners-up. Here is a recap of our predictions:

  • predicted 4th Runner-Up: Veruska Ljubisavljević (Venezuela): finished in the Top 30
  • predicted 3rd Runner-Up: Vanessa Ponce de Leon (Mexico): crowned Miss World 2018
  • predicted 2nd Runner-up: Quinn Abenakyo (Uganda): crowned Miss World Africa 2018
  • predicted 1st Runner-up: Maeva Coucke (France): finished in the Top 12
  • predicted Miss World 2018: Katarina Rodriguez (Philippines): unplaced

We are more skeptical in our predictions this year in an attempt to obtain better accuracy. I and my co-writer Erica Diaz Mendoza Lao did our Top 10 separately, two from each continental group, then we deliberated to come up with our final 5 predictions.

by Erika Diaz Mendoza Lao


  • Rebecca Kwabi, 26, Ghana
  • Sasha-Lee Olivier, 26, South Africa


  • Elís Miele Coelho, 20, Brazil
  • Ignacia Albornoz Olmedo, 17, Chile

Asia and Oceania

  • Michelle Dee, 23, Philippines
  • Lim Ji Yeon, 20, South Korea


  • Jaci Patrick, 24, Cayman Islands
  • Sharon Meyer, 22, Curaçao


  • Elizaveta Kuznitova, 19, Moldova
  • Dana Mononen, 19, Finland

by Jillianina Estevez


  • Rebecca Kwabi, 26, Ghana
  • Nyekachi Douglas, 19, Nigeria


  • Ignacia Albornoz Olmedo, 17, Chile
  • Jessica Jiménez, 25, Costa Rica

Asia and Oceania

  • Michelle Dee, 23, Philippines
  • Suman Rao, 21, India


  • A’yana Keshelle Phillips, 24, United States Virgin Islands
  • Che Amor Greenidge, 25, Barbados


  • Ophély Mézino, 20, France
  • Dana Mononen, 19, Finland

Final Miss World 2019 predictions

predicted Miss World Africa 2019: Nyekachi Douglas (Nigeria)


predicted Miss World Americas 2019: Ignacia Albornoz Olmedo (Chile)


predicted Miss World Asia and Oceania 2019: Suman Rao (India)

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predicted Miss World Caribbean 2019: Jaci Patrick (Cayman Islands)


predicted Miss World Europe 2019: Dana Mononen (Finland)

predicted 1st runner-up: Dana Mononen (Finland)


predicted Miss World 2018: Michelle Dee (Philippines)

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