ZEN Rooms moving headquarters to the Philippines

Nathan Boublil

Nathan Boublil

ZEN Rooms is moving its headquarters to the Philippines. The budget and mid-range hotel franchise recognizes the country’s growing economy and potential for innovation.

“We are placing the heart of our company in one of the most hospitable nations in the world,” ZEN Rooms co-founder Nathan Boublil. “By having our headquarters in the Philippines, we believe we can build the strongest hospitality team in the region.”

Even in a time of global uncertainties, the Philippine economy remains bullish with GDP growth of 6.2 percent in the third quarter of 2019. Moreover, according to an Oxford Economics study, the Philippines will be the top driver, after India, of global economic growth over the next decade, beating China.

At the same time, the Philippines’ accommodation market is still plagued with inefficiencies, such as high prices, low safety and poor maintenance. Deeper presence of ZEN Rooms is a promise to further disrupt the market and solve the issues bit by bit.

“We want to transform the Philippines accommodation market with our technological and operational solutions to improve its safety and value-for-money,” Boublil said. “By using this market as a base to trial market-leading technologies, we can successfully scale them across the region.”

The shift of ZEN Rooms to the Philippines will offer a boost to the local economy and its people. With a median age of 23, the country has a large and growing young population with high literacy levels, making it one of Asia’s premier Labor markets.

Having already created 400 jobs, ZEN Rooms is creating more each month. Initiatives launched by the hotel franchise, such as its Internal Hospitality School, provide new career opportunities to its participants and graduates.

“There are many who started with us as junior housekeepers and today they manage full properties,” Boublil shared. “We are grateful to see how talents thrive when given an opportunity and support. We reward people for taking ownership and nurture their entrepreneurial spirit.”

“We see so much potential in the country’s young generation as their creativity and optimism is what makes them stand out and it is absolutely admirable,” Boublil continued. “For that reason we launched Founders Philippines in September last year, to provide a platform for like-minded people to meet, learn how to build their own business and find solutions to the problems they face on that journey.”

For a lot of people, ZEN Rooms is the starting point in their careers, with some eventually venturing out to open their own businesses, applying what they have learned from the company. Boublil said proudly, “We are proud to see their success and keep supporting them along the way.”

Knowing all the hard work that goes into building and operating a hotel from the ground up, ZEN Rooms is very hands-on in operating over 300 ZEN properties in 30 cities around the Philippines and 1000 hotels across the region. With its headquarters moving to the Philippines, more growth is expected towards the company’s goal of regional expansion, providing more opportunities for local talents and entrepreneurs along with safer and more affordable travel options for everyone.

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