Australia’s Josh Tonna earns 3rd ONE Super Series win, knocks out Andy Howson at ‘ONE: Warrior’s Code’ in Indonesia

Andy Howson, Kemp Cheng, Josh Tonna (©ONE Championship)

Andy Howson, Kemp Cheng, Josh Tonna (©ONE Championship)

Training out of Muayu, Josh “Timebomb” Tonna, 31, of Australia has earned his third victory in ONE Championship’s striking-only league ONE Super Series. He was one of the winners at “ONE: Warrior’s Code.”

Featuring three Muay Thai contests and eight mixed martial arts bouts, ONE Championship held “ONE: Warrior’s Code” at the Istora Senayan in Jakarta, Indonesia on February 7, 2020. In the second bout of the evening, Tonna competed in a Muay Thai bout in the strawweight division against Andy “Punisher” Howson, 40, of the United Kingdom.

Kemp Cheng served as the referee. The opening round saw Tonna and Howson stand toe-to-toe, with the latter getting the better of the exchanges.

In the second round, Tonna turned up the aggression  leading to an early knockdown. Cheng put a stop to the strawweight contest after 2 minutes and 20 seconds in the second round when the Australian fighter finished things off with a right hook followed by a knee to the head, leaving Howson unable to continue.

Losing to Tonna downgraded the professional Muay Thai record of Howson to 81 wins, 14 losses and 1 draw. It was his ONE Super Series debut.

On the other hand, Tonna now has a professional Muay Thai record of 34 wins and 17 losses. In ONE Super Series, he has 3 wins and 1 loss.

Including Australia and the U.K., 14 countries were represented at “ONE: Warrior’s Code.” The others were Brazil, Cambodia, Cyprus, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Moldova, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, South Korea, Thailand and Timor Leste.

Howson, who is training out of Bad Company Gym, solely represented the U.K. Tonna was the sole representative of Australia.

On October 26, 2018, Tonna earned his first ONE Super Series win at “ONE: Pursuit of Greatness” at the Thuwunna Indoor Stadium in Yangon, Myanmar. He defeated  Joseph “The Hurricane” Lasiri, 28, of Milan, Italy.

On July 12, 2019, Tonna earned his second win in the league by defeating Yoshihisa “Mad Dog” Morimoto, 29, of Japan  “ONE: Masters of Destiny” at the Axiata Arena in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Meanwhile, watch all the “ONE: Warrior’s Code” bouts here:

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