Australia’s 60 most handsome men alive 2020

Australia is now only known for wild animals such as kangaroo, koala, echidna, dingo, platypus and wallaby. Many world-famous actors call this geographically large country home.

But not all good-looking men in Australia are actors. Some are making their country proud in sports and the others are doing something else. Here is a 2020 list of the 60 most handsome living men who are citizens of Australia, of Australian descent or were born in the Oceanian country:


#60 | Mitchell Johnson


#59 | Daly Chery Evans


#58 | Robert Whittaker


#57 | Andy Lee

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Sunday morning…

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#56 | Reece McLaren


#55 | Kayne Lawton

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Do ya come here often? #SpoilYaself

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#54 | Osher Gunsberg


#53 | Eamon Sullivan


#52 | Memphis James


#51 | Nick Youngquest


#50 | Cameron McEvoy


#49 | Michael Clarke

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Always fun with @hublot ⌚️🏏

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#48 | Jimmy Bartel


#47 | Luke Arnold


#46 | Liam McIntyre


#45 | Scott McGregor

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New phone, who dis? 🦦

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#44 | Dylan Rivier


#43 | Justin Lacko


#42 | Harrison Luna

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His name is Harlow… 🐶 #notmine

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#41 | Locklan Gilbert


#40 | Hamish Blake

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My wife got this giant LEGO portrait made for my 30th birthday (“but Hame you’re not 30 for 8 years you cool youth!” Haha, cheers, thanks guys I’m actually 37). At the time she said, “look I mostly got this because it seemed like a fun thing to have made, but who knows, one day you may host a TV show about LEGO!?” Then she shot me a super funny look with a twinkle in her eye but before I could ask more, she disappeared in a cloud of smoke. I mean, literally disappeared. She was gone. It wasn’t until an hour later when she crawled out from under the couch complaining of a leg cramp and carrying an empty dry ice canister did I begin to piece together a theory on how she did the trick. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about that day a bit lately, a little bit because I still don’t know how she made her eyes twinkle like that, but mostly because I DID turn out to host a TV show about LEGO! It’s called LEGO Masters, it’s out in less then a month I think, on channel 9. There’s less flying LEGO than the ads would have you believe, but it’s a really fun show about creativity and imagination, the contestants are great, and also, they build some pretty amazing shit. The kind of show where 9 year old Hamish would flip if he knew he got to grow up and host it. 30 year old Hamish, well I’m not too sure, he sounds a bit dumb. I mean, how did he not look under the couch…

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#39 | Nathan McCallum


#38 | Keiynan Lonsdale


#37 | Kylie Irving


#36 | Rodger Corser


#35 | Sullivan Stapleton


#34 | Jai Courtney

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#33 | Simon Baker


#32 | Joel Edgerton

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London LFF. LV @virgilabloh, @tchalamet and the gang.

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#31 | Russell Crowe

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Goodbye Wilmington. It has been a pleasure.

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#30 | Brenton Thwaites


#29 | James Stewart


#28 | Rhys Uhlich


#27 | Daniel Conn


#26 | Jesse Spencer


#25 | Xavier Samuel


#24 | Ryan Kwanten


#23 | Brett Lee

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Looking forward to tomorrow @icc #t20WorldCup @ourscg

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#22 | Patrick Beach


#21 | Luke Bracey

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#PoloRed for #RalphLaurenFragrances

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#20 | Cody Fern


#19 | Craig Wing


#18 | Jonah Bolden


#17 | Sam Worthington


#16 | Daniel MacPherson


#15 | Curtis Stone


#14 | Dr. Chris Brown


#13 | Ben Simmons

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#12 | Jordan Barrett

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Countdown: @Sedated.Ltd is Launching.

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#11 | Tim Robards


#10 | Travis Fimmel


#9 | Dacre Montgomery


#8 | Liam Hemsworth


#7 | Hugh Jackman

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Proper! Thank you @jerrypopolis #montblanc

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#6 | Remi Hii


#5 | Sam Ball


#4 | Michaelangelo Skyllas


#3 | Travis Burns

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📸 @natalieimgraben

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#2 | Chris Hemsworth


#1 | Eric Bana

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