Bandolino shoes as Mother’s Day gift available on Zalora


A pair of Bandolino shoes is a great gift for mothers on Mother’s Day. With nearly 40 years of experience in the shoe industry in Marikina, Metro Manila, Philippines, the brand is one of the leaders in comfort and durability.

The world is celebrating Mother’s Day during a pandemic for the first and there is still no end in sight for the new coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. To celebrate motherhood amid the crisis, Bandolino encourages children to give their mothers something to be happy for.

Bandolino started in 1983. The brand has always put a premium on quality and expert craftsmanship.

“My father really worked hard on perfecting his craft,” Bandolino president Rachel Aguilar shared. “He taught us to always go for the best in everything. He never sacrificed quality for cost.”

That passion for quality and excellence propelled Bandolino to great heights. With styles to complement every lifestyle, the brand grew to become the go-to shoe for women.


Today, the tradition continues as the second generation has taken over the reins of the company. Driven by the same no-compromise attitude, they continue to make shoes that mix classic and modern styles.

With a desire to propel the company further by keeping with the times, Bandolino still ensures that the shoes are available online to make the brand accessible to more people than ever. Aguilar said, “Years later we, the second generation owners, still believe in making products that are comfortable and durable but at the same time are still stylish and timeless.”

“Now that we’re online, our hope is that we are able to reach more customers, especially those who are younger, so we can hand them a piece of our history,” Aguilar continued. “(This is) to show them what Bandolino shoes are all about.”

Like a good trusty pair of Bandolino shoes, the tradition of getting the best pair for your loved ones can be passed on from one generation to another. Make your mom feel special this Mother’s Day by gifting her with a pair of Bandolino shoes, which are available now on Zalora.

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