Scotland’s 40 most handsome men alive 2020

Scotland covers the northern third of the island of Great Britain. It includes more than 790 islands and it shares border with England to the north.

England, Scotland and Wales are collectively called Great Britain. The three countries and Northern Ireland are the constituent countries of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, also known as the United Kingdom or Britain.

A European country and a member of the British-Irish Council, Scotland sends five members to the British-Irish Parliamentary Assembly. The country is divided into 32 administrative subdivisions known as council areas.

Scots, Scottish Gaelic and the British Sign Language are recognized languages in Scotland while the official language is English. Among the tourist spots in the country are the Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile, Loch Lomond, the Isle of Skye and the Inner Hebrides and the Northern Highlands.

Moreover, Scotland is home to good-looking and strong people. Here is the 2020 list of the 35 most handsome living men of Scottish descent or citizens of the European country:


#40 | Iain De Caestecker

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#39 | Paul Telfer


#38 | Robert Whiteford


#37 | Ian Allan Scott Adie


#36 | Angus Purden


#35 | Kevin McKidd


#34 | Henry Ian Cusick


#33 | Marti Pellow


#32 | Anton Danyluk


#31 | Max Evans


#30 | Pete Horne

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#29 | Allan Dell

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What’s up🙋‍♂️

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#28 | Craig McGinlay


#27 | Wallace Wilson


#26 | Tristan Cameron Harper


#25 | John Hannah


#24 | David Gant


#23 | Steven Cree


#22 | Jay Munro

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Tie-dyes & blue sky’s 🏙🔆

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#21 | Christopher John Millington


#20 | Andy Murray


#19 | Sam Robertson


#18 | Connor Newall

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#17 | Alan Cumming


#16 | Dougray Scott


#15 | Gavin MacDonald


#14 | Ewan McGregor


#13 | Tony Curran


#12 | Craig Ferguson


#11 | John Barrowman


#10 | Sam Heughan


#9 | David Tennant


#8 | Christopher Kellie

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Mind over matter 🧠

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#7 | James McAvoy

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#6 | Thom Evans


#5 | Iain Glen


#4 | Sean Connery


#3 | David Gandy


#2 | Gerard Butler


#1 | Richard Madden

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