Sudan’s 20 most handsome men alive 2020

The Republic of the Sudan is the third largest country in Africa. The national languages in the country are Sudanese and Arabic.

On January 1, 1956, Sudan gained its independence from Britain. Located in Northeast Africa, Sudan is bordered by Egypt to the north, Eritrea to the east, Chad to the west and South Sudan to the south.

Among the top tourist spots in Sudan are Khartoum, Meroe, Port Sudan, Al Fasher, Dongola, Juba, Wadi Halfa, Malakal, Jebel Barkal, the Nubian Pyramids, the Ruins of Musawwarat es-Sufra, the Dinder National Park and the Red Sea. Scuba diving in the Red Sea is one of the popular activities in the country.

Sudan is home to several good-looking sports stars. Here is the 2020 list of the 20 most handsome living men of Sudanese descent or citizens of the Northeast Africa country:


#20 | Ramey Dawoud


#19 | Sami al-Hajj


#18 | Ahmed Hassan


#17 | “Bas” Abbas Hamad 


#16 | Majdi Siddiq

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#15 | Osama Malik


#14 | Yasin Hamed


#13 | “Oddisee” Amir Mohamed el Khalifa


#12 | “Samy Deluxe” Samy George


#11 | Amin Elhassan


#10 | Jesse Abdrahman

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#9 | Eisa Hider Alfake


#8 | Abdulaziz Hatem

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Aziz H

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#7 | Alexander Siddig


#6 | Muhaymin Mustafa


#5 | Hamid Ismail


#4 | Sharif Idris


#3 | Faris Usama


#2 | Taleb Tawatha


#1 | Haitham Mustafa

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