Uzbekistan joins IMMAF: Umarov Otabek Mukhammadalievich is interim UMMAA president


The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) is proud to officially welcome its national representative in Uzbekistan called the Uzbekistan Mixed Martial Arts Association. It is headed by its interim president Umarov Otabek Mukhammadalievich.

Registered as non-profit organisation with Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Justice, the UMMAA is recognized and funded by the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sport as the Central Asian country’s first and only governing body for MMA.

When the UMMAA was registered on October 23, 2019, it opened a new chapter for the sport in Uzbekistan as it obtained legal recognition for the first time. The association has already signed up 10,000 members indicating the popularity of the sport locally and the timeliness of this development.

To develop amateur and professional MMA competitors in Uzbekistan, the IMMAF will launch regional federations across all 14 regions of Uzbekistan and branches in all cities to which local clubs can join, open dedicated sports schools and academies and hold annual national championships and local open tournaments for amateurs. The federation will develop sponsorship partnerships to support the building of infrastructure and training facilities and organize regular international amateur and professional events in the country.

In March 2020, the IMMAF hosted its inaugural National MMA Championships with 235 participants from all 14 regions of Uzbekistan. Mukhammadalievich commented, “MMA is becoming a very popular sport in Uzbekistan.”

“Therefore, there was need for a national governing body to oversee its development,” Mukhammadalievich continued. “We plan to work closely with IMMAF to develop rules and regulations for the sport both nationally and internationally.”

“We also look forward to fully representing Uzbekistan at an international level in IMMAF Amateur Championships,” the interim UMMAA president added. “Hopefully, one day our beloved sport will become Olympic sport and our athletes will have chance to show their skills to the world.”

IMMAF President Kerrith Brown is pleased to welcome the UMMAA as the federation’s newest representative in Asia. The continent is a growing market for the federation.

“We are looking forward to hosting our World Championships in Kazakhstan this year as global events permit and our next Asian Open Championships in 2020 also in Kazakhstan and seeing the Uzbekistan National Team debut on these platforms,” Brown stated. “We also embrace the opportunity of holding a potential future Championships in Uzbekistan.”

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