Raffy Tulfo featured Ivana Alawi, Willie Asuncion on ‘Wanted sa Radyo’ on June 2, 2020?

Raffy Tulfo revealed in the June 2, 2020 episode ofWanted Sa Radyo that he received a complaint on May 30, 2020 from a female celebrity against a certain FM radio station owner. The journalist has yet to reveal the names of the complainant and the person she was complaining against.

According to Tulfo, the FM radio station owner impregnated the celebrity’s elder sister, who used to work for his station.The radio station owner abused the complainant’s big sister and refused to give financial support, Tulfo explained.

It is the complainant who has been supporting the victim, her sister, from the time she got pregnant but the complainant changed her mind because she was afraid of the FM radio station owner’s threats, Tulfo said. Still, the “Wanted sa Radyo” host said that he will expose and destroy the FM radio station owner once he gets permission from the complainant.

Viewers are still guessing but Tulfo gave clues that made netizens think that the complainant was Ivana Alawi, the victim was her sister Amira Alawi and the FM radio station owner was a certain William Asuncion.  Here are the clues given and how it matched the guesses:


The complainant:

Tulfo said:

  • she is a celebrity: Ivana is a very famous actress and YouTuber.
  • her father is from Africa = The Alawi sisters’ father is from Morocco.
  • she is very generous =Ivana is known for donating relief goods for Filipinos in need during the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


The victim

Tulfo said:

  • she is a disc jockey
  • she is the elder sister of the complainant: Ivana is Amira’s younger sister.


The culprit

Tulfo said:

  • he is a an FM radio station owner:
  • his initials are W.A. = Willie Asuncion
  • he is very rich
  • he is a member of a yacht club.
  • he is married.
  • he owns a corporation.
  • he shares the same first name with a game show host = Willie Revillame
  • his family name is one of the mysteries of the rosary = Asuncion


More details will be added as soon as they are available. Meanwhile, review the “Wanted Sa Radyo” episode here:

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