Is Ivana Alawi pranking Raffy Tulfo on ‘Wanted sa Radyo’ as revenge?

Viewers of Raffy Tulfo‘s show “Wanted sa Radyo” learned on June 2, 2020 that he received a complaint from a female celebrity on May 30, 2020. However, the celebrity changed her mind and retracted her complaint, he said.

According to the celebrity complainant, her elder sister was impregnated by a rich married man who owns an FM radio station. The complainant said her big sister, who used to work as a disc jockey in the FM station, was abused by the owner.

The man refused to give financial support and it is the complainant who has been supporting the victim, Tulfo said. Based on the clues the “Wanted sa Radyo” host gave, the celebrity complainant is likely to be Ivana Alawi, her sister Amira Alawi is the victim and the FM radio station owner is a certain Willie Asuncion.

However, there are no available details than can confirm that there is an FM radio station owned by a certain William Asuncion who had a relationship with Amira. This made me speculate that this could be a prank by Ivana and Tulfo is clueless.

If this is a prank, it could be a revenge. On the May 12, 2020 episode of “Wanted sa Radyo,’ Ivana was pranked by Tulfo with the help of her younger sister named Mona Al-Alawi, an actress professionally known as Mona Louise Rey, and their mother Fatima Marbella.

Amira Alawi, Ivana Alawi, Fatima Maribella, Hash Alawi

Amira Alawi, Ivana Alawi, Fatima Maribella, Hash Alawi

Ivana thought it was just a regular guesting so she was brought to tears when she learned that a certain Loida Rivera was calling to complain against her. The complainant claimed that she had health problems after consuming some relief goods that came from the Moroccan-Filipino YouTuber and actress.

To help Filipinos in need during the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Ivana did distribute relief goods in different parts of Metro Manila, Philippines including Taguig, Mandaluyong and Quezon City. She repacked the relief goods herself with the help of her family.

Another theory is that Tulfo and Ivana are collaboratively pranking the viewers but I believe this is not something he would be willing to do. While we wait for the next revelations, watch how he pranked her here:

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