Raffy Tulfo reads Willie Asuncion’s message to Ivana Alawi on ‘Wanted sa Radyo’

My theory that Ivana Alawi is pranking Raffy Tulfo on his show “Wanted sa Radyo” may be wrong. In the May 12, 2020 episode of the show, he pranked her so I thought she is about to prank him back.

On June 2, 2020, Tulfo said in the show that he received a complaint on May 30, 2020 from a female celebrity, who told him that an FM radio station owner impregnated her elder sister, who used to work for his station. The complainant claimed that the radio station owner abused her big sister, who is now depressed, and he refused to give financial support.

While Tulfo did not mention names, the clues he gave made it clear that the complainant is likely to be Alawi, the victim is her big sister Amira Alawi and the FM radio station owner is a certain Willie Asuncion, described as a rich married man. On June 3, 2020, Tulfo revealed on “Wanted sa Radyo” that the complainant had received a message from the FM radio station owner.

Initially, Tulfo (accidentally) read Amira’s name when he read the message. He left it blank the next time he read it but I included the name here:

“OMG! This is going to hurt Amira too much. I am sorry I should have talked to you and your Mom but I told her I am going to do it this week. Anyway, please watch out for her. She has the tendency to hurt herself. Three things though: I am no longer rich, I am not married and I don’t threaten or curse Amira. I don’t mind what happens to me. The last thing I want to do is to hurt her although our situation is too much for her to take. Let me know when you want to do it. Good night.” – Willie Asuncion to Ivana Alawi

Amira is the eldest child of the late Samier Al-Alawi of Morocco and Fatima Marbella of the Philippines while Ivana is the third. Hashim “Hash” Alawi is the only son in the family while the fourth and youngest child is Mona Al-Alawi, an actress professionally known as Mona Louise Rey.

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