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Haruma Miura biography: 13 things about ‘Attack on Titan’ star

Haruma Miura was a Japanese actor and singer. In 1997, he made his acting debut in the television drama “Agri,” in which he played Shōtarō.

On the small screen, Miura is best known for playing Ren Kazama in “Gokusen” Season 3 on NTV, Fujimaru Takagi on “Bloody Monday” on TBS and Hiroto Saeki on “Last Cinderella” on Fuji TV. On the big screen, his fans remember him most for his roles Shota Kazehaya in “Kimi ni Todoke,” Eren Jaeger in “Attack on Titan” and Kamotarō Itō in “Gintama 2.”

On July 18, 2020, Miura did not arrive to work as scheduled so his manager checked up on him in his condominium in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. The manager found the actor unresponsive after hanging himself in his closet.

Miura was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Here are 13 more facts about him:

  1. He was born in Ibaraki, Japan on April 5, 1990.
  2. He loved cooking and soccer.
  3. He was 178cm tall and his blood type was AB.
  4. He had four photo books namely “Tabun” in 2007, “Letters” in 2008, “Switch” in 2010 and “Fureru” in 2015.
  5. On February 19, 2009, he graduated from Horikoshi High School in Nakano, Tokyo.
  6. He appeared the music videos of “Promise” by Candy in 2005, “Umaku Ienai” by Yuzu in 2008, “Mikan Heart” by C&K in 2013, “Bakemono” by Nico Touches the Walls in 2014 and “Reportage” by Yu Takahashi in 2017.
  7. From 2009 to 2020, he starred in seven theater plays. Most notably, he played Lola in “Kinky Boots” in 2016 and The Man in “Whistle Down the Wind” in 2020.
  8. In 2015, he was nominated Best Supporting Actor at the 38th Japan Academy Prize for his role as Kentaro Saeki in “The Eternal Zero.” He lost to “A Samurai Chronicle” actor Junichi Okada.
  9. In 2017, he won the Best Actor Award and the Haruko Sugimura Award at the 24th Yomiuri Theater Award for his performance in “Kinky Boots.”
  10. From 2016 until 2017, he dated Koharu Sugawara, a dancer and choreographer who has worked with Rihanna and Stevie Wonder.
  11. He ranked number 18 in Conan Daily’s list of Japan’s 50 most handsome men alive 2020.
  12. His debut single “Fight for Your Heart” was released in 2019. To be released posthumously on August 26, 2020, his second single titled “Night Diver” has three tracks including “You and I,” which marks his songwriting debut.
  13. His posthumous film roles are Matsudaira Motoyasu in “Brave: Gunjō Senki” and Hiroyuki Ishimura in “Gift of Fire.” He is also set to play Keita Saruwatari in the TV series “Love Will Begin When Money Ends,” which will premiere on TBS in September 2020.

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