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5 benefits of living close to the sea; Why beachfront is a suitable residence for you

Staniel Rents, Staniel Cay, Exumas, Bahamas (©Roberto Nickson)

Staniel Rents, Staniel Cay, Exumas, Bahamas (©Roberto Nickson)

When you think of the beach, you usually think of vacations and getaways. But have you ever considered living close to the sea where you can witness the sapphire waves crash against the sandy shores, with the golden sun rising and setting on the horizon?

While living in a beachfront home or condominium may seem only possible during summer holidays, it actually has a lot of benefits for your lifestyle and wellness. Here are five of them.

1. You get a refreshing view every day.

Imagine waking up every morning to the warm golden sun, the sound of waves crashing to the shore, and the sea breeze. You will get this refreshing view from your beachfront house or condominium.

Having the stunning scenery of the beach is perfect for you to feel invigorated every day, especially if you work in the city center. You get to detach yourself from the city’s chaos once you’re home.

2. You enjoy being on vacation 24/7.

If you are in need of a getaway place that is easily accessible from your home, then a beachfront house or condo is perfect for you. You will get to enjoy the waves and breeze after working in your home office or during the weekend. The great thing about having a beachfront home is that you get free access to the beach resort whenever you want.

It is even greater if you live in a residential development near the beach that offers other amenities such as swimming pools and indoor spa facilities, just like Pico de Loro Cove in Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines. These facilities are suitable for night swims or for when the tide is too high for you to wade through.

3. The beach environment is good for you.

Aside from being refreshing, living close to the sea is also good for your health. Studies have shown that the sound of sea waves and the brine-scented water soothes your brain and relaxes you. You get to be revitalized with just the idyllic crashing of the waves while on your hammock or balcony.

The sunlight also gives Vitamin D, which is good for your skin, strengthening your bones and immune system. Basking under the sunlight is also perfect for stimulating the endocrine system and releasing endorphins and chemicals that make you feel relaxed and happy. Don’t forget to put some sunscreen on so that you won’t burn yourself while enjoying the sun.

Some beach resort communities are surrounded by thick greenery, which offers a lush and refreshing environment for you to savor as visual therapy.

4. You learn to live sustainably.

Another benefit of living close to the sea is that you will be comfortably close to many fishing markets that offer a wide selection of fish and seafood. Not only are these more affordable compared to those sold in the city, but you also gain nutrients from the fresh and delicious seafood gifted by the rich blue sea.

If you love nature and are an advocate for preserving your natural environment, most beach resort communities implement sustainable practices to take care of their surroundings, maintain the cleanliness of the resort, and protect the wildlife that grows in the area. In Pico de Loro Cove, there is an area for green sea turtles to breed and an aviary for forest birds to fly freely.

5. You have a home that reflects your personality.

Your home by the seaside could mirror your adventurous personality and your love for nature. You will be welcomed by the blue sea where you can swim, surf, and lounge under the sun.

Your beachfront may also reflect your need to isolate from large crowds and from hectic places. Being in your own private beachfront home is ideal for you to sleep well, work productively from home, and be creative.

Living close to the sea has a lot of benefits for your wellness, need for adventure, and need to reconnect with nature. A beachfront home also promotes a more sustainable lifestyle that isn’t just friendly for your savings but is also helpful in protecting your surroundings and the creatures that inhabit it.

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