‘The Masked Singer’ Season 4 guesses: Serpent is Leslie Odom Jr., Taye Diggs or Justin Long?

The Masked Singer

Serpent is one of the 16 mystery celebrity singers competing in the fourth season of the American version of “The Masked Singer.” Many viewers believe that the celebrity behind the mask is Leslie Odom Jr., 39, Taye Diggs, 49, or Justin Long, 42.

Ken Jeong, 51, Jenny McCarthy, 47, Robin Thicke, 43, and Nicole Scherzinger, 42, all returned as panelists of “The Masked Singer” Season 4, which premiered on Fox on September 23, 2020. Nick Cannon, 39, returned as the host, as well.

One of the early clues given for Serpent is the number 31118, which showed up on a prescription bottle. In his first appearance, which was in episode 2 on September 30, 2020, the others clues shown were a banana, a map of the Caribbean and books titled “How to Dig Yourself Out of Debt” and “Serpent Manual.”

Musicology and medicine were mentioned, as well. Serpent said “it took a chain of miraculous events to get here” and he did not want “to cause pain but to heal pain.”


In episode 2, Serpent sang “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by The Proclaimers. When he returned in episode 4, which aired on October 14, 2020, he sang “The Bones” by Maren Morris.

The new clues were croissant with bacon, pink Cadillac, $2 in bank account, scrubs and stethoscope on mannequin and a sign saying “Beware Electrical Transformer.” Serpent said, “Starting out, I could barely make rent.”

There were references to manual labor, selling clothes, gatekeepers and a gateway. There was also a baby bottle on wheels.

“This baby bottle should get your wheels turning,” Serpent explained. Here are three of the top guesses for this mystery celebrity:


Leslie Odom Jr.

  • full name: Leslie Odom Jr.
  • birthplace: Queens, New York City, United States
  • best known for: playing Aaron Burr in “Hamilton”


Taye Diggs

  • full name: Scott Leo Berry
  • birthplace: Newark, New Jersey, United States
  • best known for: starring in the Broadway musicals “Rent” and “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”


Justin Long

  • full name: Justin Jacob Long
  • birthplace: Fairfield, Connecticut, United States
  • best known for: appearing in the films “Jeepers Creepers,” “Drag Me to Hell” and “Alpha and Omega” and voicing Alvin Seville in “Alvin and the Chipmunks”

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