Dagestan Fighter’s Murad Ramazanov earns 2nd ONE Championship win, beats Hiroyuki Tetsuka at ‘ONE: Inside the Matrix 3’

Murad Ramanazanov, Hiryokuki Tetsuka (©ONE Championship)

Murad Ramanazanov, Hiryokuki Tetsuka (©ONE Championship)

Murad Ramazanov, 28, of Makhachkala, Dagestan, Russia was one of the winners at “ONE: Inside the Matrix III.” It was the undefeated Dagestani mixed martial artist’s second victory in ONE Championship.

Training at Dagestan Fighter in Makhachkala, Ramazanov fought Hiroyuki “Japanese Beast” Tetsuka, 27, of Tochigi, Japan at “ONE: Inside the Matrix III.” ONE Championship taped the closed-door MMA event at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Kallang, Singapore and aired it in the evening of November 13, 2020.

Five MMA fights were on the “ONE: Inside the Matrix III” fight card. Six countries were represented namely Brazil, China, Japan, the Philippines, Russia and South Korea.

In the third bout of the evening, Ramazanov and Tetsuka battled it out in the welterweight division. Justin Brown served as the referee.

Ramazanov controlled the pace by pressuring Tetsuka against the wall in order to land multiple takedown attempts. The Japanese contender had brief moments of brilliance on the feet but it was not enough to offset his Dagestani opponent’s impressive grappling.

After three five-minute rounds, the welterweight contest was left in the hands of the judges. In the end, Brown raised the hand of the Dagestani contender, who was declared the winner via unanimous decision decision.


Ramazanov stands 180cm. Tetsuka is 168cm tall and he trains at Yamada Dojo-TGFC in Tochigi.

Beating Tetsuka at “ONE: Inside the Matrix III” improved the professional MMA record of Ramazanov to 10 wins and 0 loss. On the other hand, the Yamada Dojo-TGFC fighter now has 8 wins and 3 losses.

The Dagestani Fighter product solely represented Russia at “ONE: Inside the Matrix 3.” Tetsuka was one of the two representatives of Japan.

Competing professionally since 2014, Ramazanov made his ONE Championship debut on February 28, 2020. He knocked out Myung Ho “Wolverine” Bae, 34, of Busan, Yeongnam, South Korea.

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