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How to get over your ex, according to psychics

physics teacher (©Tra Nguyen)

physics teacher (©Tra Nguyen)

Breaking up with your love is one thing. Getting over your ex is entirely another thing. Depending on your circumstances, it can be challenging to move on after a breakup. Not only will you be traumatized by your experience but you may experience a sense of confusion as well as a lot of fear.

Although there are myriads of ways to deal with a breakup, psychics are perhaps the best people to handle your relationship needs. Remember, a lingering relationship wound can keep you from having a happier future. Regardless of whether you are faulty or not, always keep in mind that the pain of breaking up with your partner can prevent you from moving on with your life.

Although time is considered to be the best healer, this article will give you the best tips for getting over your ex, according to some of the top-rated Mysticmag psychics.


Give yourself time to grieve.

The best way to move forward is to get to terms with what happened. Accept the outcome of your relationship. The best way to deal with a breakup and move on from your ex is to give yourself time to grieve.

At least take a few days to let your emotions soak in. Remember that resisting your emotions will only lead to more frustration, anger, and pain, among other devastating emotions. The only better way of dealing with these emotions is to deal with all your emotions firsthand through grieving.


Redirect your energy for a positive growth.

According to psychics, positive energy begets positive growth and ultimately positive results. After a breakup, the chances are that you will experience an upsurge in cortisol and adrenaline. This means that you will have many energy fields surrounding you, and with such energy, you stand to lose a lot if you don’t direct them for a positive purpose.

As a result, it’s advisable to focus your time and energy on more useful things. Develop a routine exercise that will either help in sharpening your skills or help build your business. If anything is to go by, some of the most coveted and expensive art pieces in the world were crafted by artists who had lost love.


Surround yourself with people.

Another great way of getting over your ex, according to psychics, is to ensure to surround yourself with people. Surrounding yourself with people goes a long way in making it easier to divert your thoughts from your ex. Generally, it all boils down to surrounding yourself with positive energy.

According to psychics, one thing that makes people less likely to move on from their ex is because they feel lonely. Therefore, rather than focusing on your ex, it’s essential to first focus on yourself. Getting involved with other people goes a long way in helping to reduce the feeling of being lonely.

There are many ways that you can surround yourself with people. You can get in touch with your friends and family, indulge yourself in social networks, or even go clubbing. All these are great ways of getting yourself surrounded by people.


Cut off contact.

Contrary to common belief, maintaining an ex in your life is not entirely a sign of maturity. Maintaining contact will only lead to more sorrows and pain. Psychics advise that it’s important to prioritize your overall well-being to get over your ex.

A vast majority of people often maintain contact with an ex, hoping that the relationship can come back to normal. Such individuals feel that letting go of their ex can be quite daunting. While the possibility of being friends with an ex can take a genuine turn, being friends with an ex will only work if you are healed.

Keep in mind that when you are hurting, you are more vulnerable. Therefore, to care for yourself, it’s of paramount importance to surround yourself with healthier boundaries. You can do this by politely letting your ex know that you need your distance, and you would prefer not to be contacted in any way for a while.


Make peace with the past.

Whenever you are treated poorly by your partner, it’s only natural for you to feel hurt. Ideally, anger is a powerful tool that helps you be aware of the situations or people that are not good for you. It’s therefore important to let go of any anger caused by your ex. Remember that when you hold onto past resentment and anger, you will be taking it into your future relationships, which will be toxic.

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