Miss Universe Jamaica 2020 predictions: Miqueal-Symone Williams vs Shanique Thompson

I am a big fan of Miss Universe 2014 fourth runner-up Kaci Fennell. I thought she was gonna give Jamaica its first ever Miss Universe crown in 2014.

At Miss Universe 2020, which is taking place in 2021, I have a strong feeling the candidate of Jamaica will land in the Top 5 at least.

There are 10 women vying for the Miss Universe Jamaica 2020 title. The new queen will be crowned on December 12, 2020.

Before I share my Miss Universe Jamaica 2020 predictions, let me give my Top 3 picks in three of their preliminary photo shoots namely their official portrait, their headshot and their swimsuit portrait.



#3 (score: 9.3/10)

Miss R Hotel Kimberly Kemelia Dawkins


#2 (score: 9.4/10)

Miss Maxeff Motors Shanique Thompson


#1 (score: 10/10)

Miss Qorihc Miqueal-Symone Williams




#3 (score: 9/10)

Miss Maxeff Motors Shanique Thompson


#2 (score: 9.1/10)

Miss Caribbean Seafood Ashanti Findley


#1 (score: 9.7/10)

Miss Qorihc Miqueal-Symone Williams




#3 (score: 9.3/10)

Miss Qorihc Miqueal-Symone Williams


#2 (score: 9.4/10)

Miss Bluedot Comuna Abigail Pinnock


#1 (score: 9.5/10)

Miss R Hotel Kimberly Dawkins



predicted 2nd runner-up

Kimberly Kemelia Dawkins, 26, registered nurse


predicted 1st runner-up

Shanique Thompson, 23, Barita Investments Limited employee


predicted Miss Universe Jamaica 2020

Miqueal-Symone Williams, 23, model

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