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Is Tiffany Pontes Dover dead or alive?


Tiffany Lashae Pontes Dover, 30, fainted after volunteering to get the new coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine from Pfizer live on television. She recovered shortly after and said she was fine but many Americans are worried now about the rumors claiming that she has died.

Pfizer is based in New York, United States. Having received emergency use authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the pharmaceutical corporation was allowed to start distributing its vaccine in the U.S. on December 11, 2020.

Dover lives in Higdon, Alabama, USA with her husband and their two children. She works as a nurse manager at the Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA.

On December 17, 2020, Dover was one of the first CHI Memorial Hospital staff members to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. Standing at the podium, she spoke to the media about what getting the vaccine means to her and her medical unit.

“It’s really… I’m sorry,” Dover said. “I’m feeling really dizzy. I’m sorry…”


The nurse put her hand to her head then started to walk away from the podium. When she slumped to the floor, her colleagues quickly came to her aid.

Minutes later, Dover recovered and talked to the media again. It turns out she has a condition called Vasovagal Syncope.

“It just hit me all of the sudden,” News Channel 9 quoted Dover as saying. “I could feel it coming on. I felt a little disoriented but I feel fine now and the pain in my arm is gone.”

A website registers Dover as a dead person but its legitimacy is in question. On the other hand, her social media accounts neither confirm nor deny the rumors about her death despite the slew of comments asking about her condition.


CHI Memorial Hospital has released a statement claiming that Dover is at home recovering. Still, she herself has yet to release a statement or a post on social media to address the rumors about her death.

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  1. It’s strange that she is according to her boss at home recovering…. From what the vaccin? So it makes you sick?
    Why isn’t she on you tube or TV saying OK I’m alive and at home please respect my privacy thank you.
    Simple and short than nobody has to wonder if she is dead or alive..
    I personally think she is dead and there is a lot at stake so they payd off her family and work.


    • I will tell you why: There is a possibility (not that small) that after losing consciousness you are feeling weaker for max 2 days so yes she’s maybe recovering from that. But something that has been known for years and it’s for sure, but there are still people like you who don’t know that: Vaccines aren’t godly-like substances that are immediatly giving you immunity to viruses. Vaccines are substances with: then dead or very weakened virus particles that your immunologic system can gather information of the virus and start creating antibodies and only when there are antibodies in your blood you gain immunity to that virus, now it is a mRNA vaccine. In the process of this body is identifing them as intruder, wchich creates an immunologic system reaction and this might result in feeling ill (usually fever and coughing)(because this is one of the defense walls of the immunologic sytem), but it isn’t always like that (it’s depending on how strong your general immunity is and how fast you immunologic system reacts (the second one is basically the reason why we aren’t ill the same day we were infected, just the next day or some days later (or one week later in Covids case), with the mRNA vaccine we should get even less cases of this reaction, because the procces is faster, but i will tell you this too: this way the symptoms we can get by being vaccinated are weaker and last shorter than if we would want to get immunity the “traditional way”, the most important thing is if we vaccinate ourselves we’re not spreading the virus (because the virus particles are too weak).


      • Turn off the Big Pharma-funded “news” you are getting. Vaccines kill and maim; hysterically rushed, totally experimental, Mengele-esque vaccines especially so. News flash: Your news source is a slop trough of Big Pharma propaganda. Turn it off. Unmesmerize yourself.


  2. Szpital poinformował, że wraca do zdrowia…. To ciekawe. Wraca do zdrowia, mimo, że nic jej nie jest. Ludzie to jednak półgłówki….


    • Po omdleniu jednak jest się trochę osłabionym wiesz? Czy pani nie posiada elementarnej wiedzy na tematy zdrowotne a się o nich wypowiada?


      • szczegolnie,ze dziewczyna mowila,ze tak ma często, czyli co raz w tygodniu mdleje, potem wraca do siebie 4 dni i 1 dzien pracuje i tak co tydzien?


    • She said her name full, wihout thinking about how to spell her name first, after that she said letter by letter so idiots like Yobabadabadoooo could tell that she’s ok


    • What’s so funny? This to me is the nail in the common Tiffany Dover is just a prop. The snort, the weird noises, the laughing, the comment at the end, the back ground noise. This is a joke.


  3. I thought eyebrows very similar. Hair is obviously different. Eyes different. Big giveaway is weight gain. That is a lot of weight for 5 days. And what is with the twitching of the body double?

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  4. I’m curious why they would choose to feature a nurse on tv that has fainted 6 times in 6 weeks from the slightest pain and how a nurse with hypersensitivity to pain even from a hangnail could make it at her job. Peace to Tiffany and her family where ever she is.


    • As a retired RN, I totally agree with you. She could not have made it through nursing school, and yet she worked in CCU! I know that we learned to start IVs in nursing school by practicing on each other. If she is fainting that often, she is a hazard to herself, her patients, and her coworkers. If she is that hypersensitive with pain, she probably can’t tolerate seeing others in pain either. Dr. Rashid Buttar has stated that this response happens immediately, not several minutes later. The nurse in the video that faints and later returns to explain what happened is not the same person pictured here. But she is a good actress.

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