The importance of real-time updates of your shipment


In this digitally driven world, it is necessary to stay technologically updated, especially for businesses in every sector. One such discipline is the courier delivery sector, which must comply with the provision of real-time information for their customers who are now switching to reliable and faster shipping services.

With people working remotely and likely to continue for a while, the importance of real-time shipment updates has majorly increased. Most people are unable to buy essential and non-essential items from stores, which has led to an increase in home delivery services. Whether it’s a package for your home or a workplace delivery concerning your business, keeping an eye on your package is of utmost importance.


What are Real-Time Delivery Updates and How Does it Work?

Often referred to as ‘true packaging tracking’, this service lets you keep an eye on your shipment and track it in real-time. In today’s fast-paced and digitally driven world, several mails and delivery companies are realizing the importance of real-time shipment updates and switching to the new service.

It not only attracts more customers but also increases their credibility, which, in turn, brings more customers in the long run. When you pick a company that offers this service, you will be asked to download a mobile application and create your account. You can then insert your delivery code and track your package using GPS. Some services also allow you to reroute your package to another destination without any cost. You also have the option to turn on smart notifications and track all your shipments in one place. Assuming that you are working from home, you can even calculate the distance and time for your package to reach your residence. By choosing a nearby ‘Access point’, you can collect your delivery sooner than you anticipate.

Here are a few reasons why you must keep track of shipment and access real-time updates:


It keeps you satisfied.

You no longer have to sweat in anticipation about your package and delivery time. Just log in to the app and get a real-time update of your shipment. This update is particularly important if you are in charge of your company’s supply chain and logistics department. Tracking multiple packages is no easy feat, especially when you have to keep an eye on them when working remotely. When it comes to receiving shipments for your business, hasty deliveries, damaged goods, and shipping mix-ups are unacceptable. By knowing the status of your shipment and the delivery time, you can keep your business organized and coordinate with your coworkers. It will also help you avoid a major financial loss that could have been dodged with real-time shipment tracking.


It lets you keep a track of time.

With this update, you no longer have to keep checking multiple websites to track your package and receive an update on your shipment. Say goodbye to those long and dreary customer service phone calls that take hours of your time. It not only increases your stress levels but also affects your productivity, especially when you have to work from home. It is also known that a whopping 85 percent of customers will reorder products from a retailer if the shipment is delivered on time, which is beneficial for the courier service as well as the retailer.


You don’t miss any shipment.

If you are not at home during the estimated delivery period, you can reroute the shipment to another destination or collect it from a nearby access point by using the app. With this, you will never miss a shipment hereafter. Losing your parcel during the shipment can be one’s worst nightmare. With this update, you will always have your package delivered to your doorstep. By knowing the delivery date and time, you can stay at home or ask someone to receive your parcel. At times, when you receive a shipment at an unanticipated hour, and there is no one to collect it, the chances of your parcel getting stolen from your doorstep are high. However, with this service, you will never miss a parcel again.



You can identify your parcel instantly.

At times, you may get the wrong parcel if you fail to track it with scrutiny. The top courier in the market, 4PX tracking, recommends getting this service as it helps you keep control of your purchase and shun negative experiences hereafter. With real-time tracking, you can keep an eye on your parcel by referring to the delivery code. In case you track a package that is not yours, you can inform the service provider and get an update on your actual shipment. This update offers immense transparency and lets customers point inefficiencies. You can take action and turn the situation around before it escalates and becomes a real issue.


It enhances business credibility.

Real-time shipment updates not only make work easier for the customers but also the delivery service. For any business, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance as it helps build credibility and increase business opportunities. By delivering packages on time, courier companies can ensure that their customers are happy and satisfied with their service. An organized and timely delivery process can boost sales for a courier company and help them get more clients through word-of-mouth recommendations. It also helps the companies measure analytics and gain insights to combat stressful situations and make improvements in the future. Shipping issues, seasonal hiring concerns, and potential limitations can be eradicated.


Customers who receive their packages on time and at the right place can rely on just one service in the future. As a customer, you no longer have to look for multiple services in the future, which also saves time.

With real-time shipment updates, you no longer have to fret about receiving your delivery on time. Working at home is already quite stressful; you don’t want to add on the pressure of waiting for your delivery and getting anxious about it. You will not only receive an update on the delivery date but also the time, keeping you satisfied and stress-free. Choose a reliable local courier service that provides a real-time shipment update.


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  1. Hi Jiro,
    I totally agree with you, in the digital world, it is necessary to stay technologically updated, especially for businesses in every sector. You have explained each point in a descriptive way. Thanks for sharing it.


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