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4 tips for taking your date to NBA game

So you’ve made an instant connection with someone really interesting on a dating site you’ve find out about via review service, and as you’ve been chatting online you’ve divulged you’re a total NBA fan? If they’ve previously shown no interest in basketball, inviting them to join you as a spectator could backfire. You don’t want to risk putting them off you if they don’t enjoy the experience. On the other hand, if they do find themselves getting into the spectacle, this will bring you closer together. The best way forward would be taking on board these four tips.


1. Explain the background.

If your partner is a novice, one of the aspects of NBA that will quickly dampen their enthusiasm is not knowing what’s going on. So before you even set foot in the arena, ensure you go over the basics. What are the basic rules? Go over why the players aren’t allowed to carry the ball like in American football, and briefly go over the reasons why the officials might blow for fouls, violations, or free throws. There’s no need to go into great detail otherwise you’ll soon see their eyes glazing over. But they’ll engage with the sport much more if they understand why the players are doing what they’re doing. Also, introduce them to the members of the team you root for. It’ll give them an incentive to join in.


2. Do something apart from the game.

There is always so much more to an NBA encounter than the on-court events. These are so much more than sporting contests – this is entertainment. So another way to boost your date’s interest is to outline what to expect during those lulls in play, such as time outs or commercial breaks. There’s never going to be a dull moment, with things like races or shooting competitions organized to maintain everyone’s levels of excitement.


3. Encourage participation.

NBA fans come in various levels of enthusiasm and passion. This will vary from spectators who will sit and applaud a spectacular slam-dunk, to those who stand up and holler like crazy. You can encourage your other half to get caught up by the infectious mood of the game by whooping now and again yourself, or by taking things to the next level and suggesting they embrace the joys of basketball noisemakers (plastic mini-balls crammed full of beads – think of a glorified maraca!) Printing your team’s mascot on the side of this noisemaker would be an even better way of getting them hooked on supporting the team.


4. Maintain their interest

As well as taking your date to NBA games, it would be a good idea to keep their interest bubbling under. Pin a calendar to the kitchen, with key forthcoming encounters indicated in red pen. Highlight forthcoming derby matches where the atmosphere is going to be so much more electric. LA Clippers versus LA Lakers. New York Knicks versus Boston Celtics. They’ll soon get caught up in the anticipation.

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