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HIPAA courses that you can easily attend online

laptop, notepad (©Nick Morrison)

laptop, notepad (©Nick Morrison)

It is becoming more and more important to stay inside and work from home. One of the great ways essential workers can ensure appropriate training is to attend online courses. By attending online courses workers can ensure their certifications are up to date and ensure safety at work.

Healthcare workers are at risk of coming into contact with many infectious pathogens and microorganisms and by ensuring appropriate training, work-related injuries and infections can be less of a hazard.


What are these courses?

Among the most prolific injuries with healthcare workers in the risk of infection for bloodborne pathogens. Click here to view the course information. The most common of these pathogens are Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV. 

Bloodborne pathogens training can help prevent needlestick injuries, by educating those in health care and first responder industries to understand the dangers of working with sharps.


Who are these courses for?

While it is obvious that doctors and nurses come into contact with sharps daily, there are myriad other industries that may require these courses.

Online courses can assist workers and vulnerable individuals with understanding the dangers of these pathogens, and how to safely work in and around these infectious microorganisms. 


Individual responsibility

While it may seem like this training should be offered by employers, there is a chance that it is not. Your responsibility to yourself as an at-risk worker is to ensure your safety and by extension the safety of your family.

If your employer does not directly offer training for dealing with bloodborne pathogens, these courses can be a great way to educate yourself without breaking the bank. Online courses are often short and cost-effective and can allow you to remain aware of the dangerous nature of your profession, without breaking the bank to attend classes in person.


How to prevent accidental infection

The CDC has begun a Stop the Stick campaign, geared at eliminating accidental workplace injuries and contact with these infectious pathogens through raising awareness of the hazards of working with needles and bodily fluids containing these pathogens.

It only takes a second of distraction or carelessness to change the course of your life. Don’t tempt fate by being uninformed and unable to see the dangers of your profession. By taking online courses to learn the dangers of these pathogens, learn how they work, and learn how to prevent infection you can be a safer and better worker.


Prevention through education

The online courses available to healthcare workers and first responders are numerous and incredibly important to the health and safety of these at-risk workers. You can easily educate yourself on appropriate courses of action in the event of accidents, and how to avoid them, through any number of well priced and quick and easy online courses. 


Through education and awareness, a reduction in accidental sticks and pokes can be realized, reducing the overall infection rate in healthcare workers related to bloodborne pathogens. Prevention starts with education and education starts with individual workers taking the time to complete these online courses.

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