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What are the health benefits of ecdysterone?


If you take your fitness seriously, there is no doubt you have probably have considered or have taken some type of supplements. It’s a fact that these dietary additions can help you bring your body to the status of perfection. 

However, when it comes to introducing something new to your body and organism, you need to be very careful. Some of them can have negative side effects and make your health condition worsen significantly. One of the supplements that have had very good reviews by the scientific community and athletes world-wide is ecdysterone. Let’s see what are the health benefits of this substance.


What is ecdysterone?

Known as 20-Hydroxyecdysone and 20E, ecdysterone has been used for decades by Russian athletes. If you decide to start taking it and purchase naturoids, you will be getting a dietary product that’s full of ecdysterone, extracted from spinach. Ecdysterone is now available on the US market and bodybuilders and other athletes in North America now have access to this chemical that’s tested and proven safe.   

This substance is a naturally occurring hormone that can be found in insects and plants such as spinach and asparagus. Multiple studies have shown that it has numerous beneficial effects on the human body. And what’s even more important, there are no noted side effects.


Bigger muscle strength

The studies that have been done show that ecdysterone test subjects have experienced a significant increase in strength. In a 10-week trial, participants have increased their squat by 19.4 percent, from 100kg to 120kg. Another research has shown that grip strength is also significantly increased after the study has ended. One of the reasons why bodybuilders like taking it are because it boosts muscle growth and performance levels. This happens because the presence of this supplement in your organism will increase protein synthesis.       


Reducing cholesterol

It’s obvious from all the research done on this chemical that it has more than one health benefit. Aside from improving your fitness, it will also help you reduce the cholesterol levels in your body. Also, further studies have shown that it’s beneficial in helping accelerate human metabolism.


Decreasing body fat

In 1988, the study was conducted and published in Scientific Sports Bulletin concerning the effects ecdysterone has on muscles, fat tissue, and hormonal changes in the human body. There were a total of 78 participants, both men, and women, that were divided into 3 groups. All of them were in top physical condition and professional athletes. After 10 days, the group that had taken the mix of this supplement and protein was able to increase its muscle mass by 6-7 percent while also losing around 10 percent of their body fat. Keep in mind, these were results in 10 days. And not only that – there were no changes in their hormonal levels.   


Ecdysterone is definitely a chemical you should keep an eye on if you want to build up a muscle mass and bring your body in perfect shape. Not only that but you will not have to face any negative side effects by introducing this supplement to your diet. 

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