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5 steps to find the best essay writing service for your college paper

laptop, notepad (©Nick Morrison)

laptop, notepad (©Nick Morrison)

Students use essay writing services because they lack the time or have a strong desire to deliver quality papers. There are many essay writing services to choose from and sometimes, students find it hard to select the best service provider. 

You should avoid doing random web checks and making a blind selection. Finding the best essay writing service for your college paper requires engaging skilled writers and selecting a company that offers quality services. Here are five steps to follow to achieve this. 


Avoid the cheap companies.

When seeking a professional writing service, avoid the cheapest you find in the market. If you find a company offering ridiculously low rates and can deliver within a short time, search further. Keep off any sites referred to as the “best free essay sites.” 

When a custom writing service offers you cheap essays or free ones within minutes or hours, they are likely to plagiarize the work. The fake ones could have developed an essay in a subject area to redistribute to all their customers. Thus, your paper may not pass plagiarism software that is commonly used by professors.

Producing an essay takes some effort and time. Otherwise, you could have opted to do it. If you want the best online essay writing service, you are likely have to part with some more dollars. You cannot approach someone for cheap essays but you can approach them for quality and timeliness. 


Check the style variety.

Select college paper writers who can adapt to different styles and essay types. Sometimes you may be given many different types of assignments and the essay writer has to manage all of them on time.

 The best essay writing service providers should be able to handle college applications, argumentative essays, analytical essays, and Cause- and Effect essays. They should also handle comparative, deductive, and critical thinking essays, among others. Check online reviews to find out if the company offers the skills they have listed on their website.


Open communication and customer service is key.

One of the challenges with custom essay writing services is the lack of direct communication between the writer and the customer. College paper writing services revolve around the communication between the two parties. Customers should be in constant communication with their writers as the work progresses. 

College paper writing service providers should have instant messaging systems such as live chats to allow you to make inquiries. Check for this service upfront to confirm the level of communication available. 

Establish if you can access the customer service any time. This is important because you want to avoid entrusting someone with your classwork without understanding the progress. Sometimes a change about an assignment may occur, prompting you to reach for inquiries and updates.


Look for free revisions.

Before choosing the professional writer service, ascertain the revision policy. The best essay writing service should offer free revisions because they are supposed to produce work that you pay for. If you are not satisfied with the paper, you should ask for revisions until it meets your desired expectations. 

The company is working for you and the work is an investment which they should take seriously. As such, you deserve to get positive returns. Choose a company that provides a free title page, outline, formatting, and bibliography. 


Check plagiarism report.

The best essay service providers can produce original content that meets your desired expectations. Plagiarism is essentially what cheap online writers offer to their clients. There is no way you can tell that a paper is original unless passed through a plagiarism checker. To ensure that the work is original, the essay writing service should give you a free plagiarism report. This should constitute the service guarantee. 

Sometimes the professors may specify the software you should use to check plagiarism. Inquire in advance whether the writing company has that specific software. The most common plagiarism software includes Copyleaks, Turnitin, Plagiarisma, and Plagscan. 

Most of the plagiarism detection tools are free and can allow e-learning professionals to reduce cases of plagiarism. Some plagiarism checkers go beyond checking plagiarism to allow the writer to fix any errors and learn about different citations for academic papers. 



Finding the best essay writing service should not be complicated. You need to take time to check the pricing and writing styles of the writing company. Establish if they have open communication, good customer service, and whether they provide free revisions and plagiarism report. By making the right choice, you may be guaranteed to get quality assignments on a timely basis. Follow the above steps and get a credible writer to get your work done. 

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