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6 ideas for decorating your yard even if it’s paved


Decorating your outdoor space is often as important as the interior. The reason for this is that the outdoor space is usually seen by all, especially the front yard, but even your more private sections like your backyard are going to be important for decorating and designing because this is a prime entertaining spot.

The downside of decorating a yard is that you might be limited due to the fact that it’s paved, but that is actually far from a problem. While you might not have the lush green grass and foliage to work with, you can do things to spice up that space and make it feel more natural. 

Here are 6 ideas for decorating a paved yard:


1. Potters and Plants

The easiest way to inject some life into your yard is to add some color. If you don’t have grass or naturally growing plants, it’s time to buy some potters and put some foliage in yourself. If you look at the potters on, you can see how any yard can be given some new life with a quick fix. There are plenty of interesting ways to include plants in your paved yard, one of which is adding vines and growth along walls. This is a simple way to turn a drab yard into a fab yard.


2. Gazebo

You also need to add amenities that are good for yourself and guests, and a gazebo is just the classic touch. Whether it’s a full gazebo with netting or a pergola above the walkway, any kind of overhead structure is a good way to make the space feel more inviting. You can even combine it with plenty of other ideas on this list to make it work perfectly. Add some vines and foliage to an overhead pergola to make it feel like a jungle oasis in your own yard.


3. Lounge Chairs

The seating options in a yard make all the difference, so you can’t just throw any old chairs on the patio and expect it to work. You need to commit to finding proper lounge chairs that are comfortable but also aesthetically pleasing. Find a common theme, like a jungle or beach motif, and run with that so you can add a consistent theme throughout your yard. The right chairs can make hanging out in the backyard with guests a more enjoyable time and allows you to create a good design project.


4. Lighting Fixtures

You’ll also need to consider how much you want to use the yard during the night time, which means figuring out a good lighting fixture idea. There are plenty of ways to illuminate the yard for guests and yourself during the night hours that will work wonderfully. Torches, fairy lights, or solar lights on the garden path/fence can all work well to enhance the mood of the yard to really make it feel like a fun, festive place to hang out. It works great for hosting parties as well.


5. Raised Garden

If you want to go even further with your need to reinvigorate the yard with life than just foliage, you should consider getting some raised garden beds. They’re simple to build but help yield some excellent results. You can grow fruits and vegetables in the backyard to help add some purpose to a garden beyond a purely aesthetic choice. Not to mention, having a garden in your yard is a healthy hobby to invest your time in. 


6. Entertainment and Amenities

Finally, you’re going to want to put the icing on the cake when it comes to hosting in your yard. This is especially important because a backyard that is paved is often not as desirable, but it can be made much better with the right approach. The best idea you can do is to install a fire pit, add a nice barbecue/cooking station, and add entertainment in the form of a TV, a projector, and a sound system. When you have all of these things, your backyard oasis will be a place that people want to routinely come back to, and a place that you’ll want to spend time in, rather than dreading looking out at your yard.


A yard is a good place to add curb appeal in the front, and entertainment potential in the back, but it can feel hard to do if you don’t have any natural grass. The solution is simple. Use these six easy ideas to add some more color and fun so you can finally enjoy your yard again.

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