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How to stay safe as a solo female business traveler in 2021

With the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic having a huge impact on the travel industry, many businesspeople are choosing to conduct virtual meetings rather than travel. However, there are some circumstances where an overseas or long-distance trip might be unavoidable for your work.

If you’re preparing to go on a business trip as a single female, it’s normal to feel excited that things are getting a little bit back to normal but wary at the same time. Solo women traveling for business encounter several risks, along with the fact that we are currently dealing with a worldwide pandemic so keep these safety tips in mind and look after yourself:


Get to know the people you’re meeting beforehand.

If you are traveling to a strange area on your own and meeting up with people that you don’t know, it can all be very overwhelming. Spending some time building relationships virtually with the people that you are going to be meeting on the trip, wherever possible, can be a good way to put your mind at rest and make it easier for you once you arrive. You can also use Nuwber to find out more about any people that you are going to meet on your trip. This service allows you to check information like names and contact details, along with criminal records, arrest records, and property records. 


Use an anti-theft device.

Pickpockets are often one of the biggest risks that solo female business travelers will face, so ensure your own peace of mind by utilizing anti-theft devices where you can keep money, important documents like your passport and flight tickets, and any valuable devices that you are taking with you. Anti-theft bags are a great investment since they are impossible to open or cut into, or you could use a money belt to keep your cash and cards safe underneath your clothing. 


Keep in touch with your workplace.

Keeping in touch with your colleagues or employees back at home is crucial when you are setting off on a business trip. Not only can traveling alone for business be quite lonely, but staying in regular contact with your workmates means that they can easily update you on any need-to-know information while you are there. Having somebody back home who knows where you are and where you are supposed to be at given times during the day can also come in handy if you find yourself in any danger. 


Find local facilities.

Knowing where you can go to get in touch with the police, find a doctor, or visit the hospital if you need to can make a trip for business less scary. When you arrive, make it a priority to find out how to call the emergency services if you are in a different country – although 911 will usually redirect you to any country’s emergency line if you accidentally dial it in a panicked situation. 


COVID safety tips:

Along with the general safety tips to be aware of as a woman traveling alone for business, there’s also the pandemic to bear in mind. Be sure to research the guidelines of the area that you are traveling to and find out if you have to wear a mask in public, for example. Make sure that you take plenty of hand sanitizer along with you, keep your hands clean and keep your distance from others. 

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