Miss Grand International 2020 best in national costume: CONAN Daily’s 30 hot picks

The eighth edition of Miss Grand International is currently ongoing in Bangkok, Thailand. A total of 63 countries are represented.

Based in Thailand, Miss Grand International was founded by Nawat Itsaragrisil in 2013. Reigning Miss Grand International 2019 Valentina Figuera of Venezuela will crown her successor on March 27, 2021 at Show DC Hall in Huai Khwang district in Bangkok.

On March 24, 2021, the 63 candidates of Miss Grand International 2020 showcased their beauty and patriotism in the national costume competition. This is one of the most exciting parts of the pageant.

Judging this part of the competition is tricky but the key to having a successful national costume in a pageant is chemistry. A beautiful candidate with a beautiful costume does not automatically guarantee a high score.

Consider ice cream and spicy chicken. Separately, they are delicious but putting them together is not recommended.

Other candidates are given outrageous costumes in an attempt to stand out. This is also tricky because it could either break or make the candidate: there is no in between.

You know that the outrageous costume worked if it looked like the candidate wore it, not the other way around. I and my colleague Erica Diaz Mendoza Lao judged the 63 Miss Grand International 2020 candidates wearing national costumes separately and based on our combined scores, here are our Top 30 picks:


#30 | Anronet Roelofsz, South Africa


#29| Suzan Hendrica Lips, 27, Netherlands


#28 | Maricielo Gamarra Alvarado, 25, Peru


#27 | Frontina Gashi, 24, Kosovo


#26 | Milena Maria Sadowska, 22, Poland


#25 | Albina Shaikhlislamova, 21, Bashkortostan


#24 | Lady Laura Leon Rosario, 27, Dominican Republic


#23 | Alaise Clementino Guedes, 27, Brazil


#22 | Natalia Manrique Aguilar, 21, Colombia


#21 | Ambika Joshi Rana, 21, Nepal


#20 | Eliana Madeleine Rojas Roa, 24, Venezuela


#19 | Kathryn Helen Fanshawe, 23, Wales


#18 | Fjorela Lezo, 23, Albania


#17 | Mariana Jesica Varela, 24, Argentina


#16 | Thaole Ngoc Nguyen, 20, Vietnam


#15 | Irene Ng’endo Mukii, 22, Kenya


#14 | Paula Valentina Benavente Gomez, 27, Chile


#13 | “Han Lay” Thaw Nandar Aung, 22, Myanmar


#12 | Prathisha Sambodhi Liyana Arachchi, 21, Sri Lanka


#11| Monique Alexandria Thomas, 26, Jamaica


#10| Samantha Mae Adaliga Bernardo, 27, Philippines


#9 | Chivly Liv, 22, Cambodia


#8 | Guzel Musina, 23, Russia


#7 | Nam Patcharaporn Chantarapadit, 22, Thailand


#6 | Hyunyoung Lee, 24, South Korea


#5 | Fabiola Krystal Valentin, 21, Puerto Rico


#4 | Iris Miguélez Mendez, 22, Spain


#3 | Angela Michelle Leon Yuriar, 19, Mexico


#2 | Sonia Augusta Luna Menendez, 25, Ecuador


#1 | Kharisma Aura Islami, 20, Indonesia

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