‘The Masked Singer’ Season 5 predictions: Johnny Knoxville, Scott Disick or The Miz is Grandpa Monster?

Grandpa Monster is one of the contestants of “The Masked Singer” Season 5, which premiered on Fox on March 10, 2021. Here are some details about the mystery celebrity singer:



  • orange monster with orange, gray and black horns and green claws
  • grey beard
  • yellow and light green flat cap
  • orange and black glasses
  • walker with tennis balls on the bottom



  • A teacher pulled him aside and let him know he was smarter than the character he was playing.
  • blackboard with the number “6” on it
  • test score of 97 percent
  • weight that weighs 6.2 tons
  • men in black play with a beach ball



  • Episode 2: “Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of…)” by Lou Bega



  1. Scott Disick
  2. Johnny Knoxville
  3. Johnny Manziel
  4. The Miz

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