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Top 5 tips for German learners

There are so many languages that might seem complicated to learn. The languages that scare foreigners the most are Chinese, Russian and German. Why? It is usually the pronunciation that gets English speakers frightened the most.

There are ways to ease the burden of learning the German language. We will show you the best tips and practices on that. 


Tip 1: Surround yourself with the language.

German language and its vocabulary are not easy things to learn. There are many tricks in the syntax as well. The language gets much easier once you’ve conquered some grammatical difficulties.

The nouns in German are feminine or masculine or neither. Remember them at first, and it will be much effortlessly after. You have to surround yourself with the language. This way, the memory, and motor skills will work for memorizing the spelling and vocabulary. There are some ways to do so:

  • Get stickers, write down all the things you need o to remember in German, and stick them to these objects;
  • Learn words in grammatical context: to do, so you need to read more books or other content in German. You have some online magazines, choose German and enjoy while studying.


Tip 2: Learn all the modal verbs first.

Our number two tip on how to learn the German language is to go modal. Modal verbs are something you will need immediately after the beginning of your course. The words that express the ideas of possibility, permission, desire, and obligation are useful and might help you understand more about German grammar. 

Modal verbs can give you a fluent, conversational level from the very beginning. You can express a lot of things with the conjunction of modal verbs and other words. Combining will teach you how the language works and will make it easy to start communicating. Still, you have lots of gaps in your language, but now you can create a simple and clear message that the native speakers will understand.


Tip 3: Find yourself a German tutor.

There is another tip we’d like to share with you. Find for yourself a German tutor. There are so many German teachers in Preply that it will be easy to pick the right one. 

Remember to check the reviews of your teacher candidate. It is also crucial that the bio and the documents presented by the teacher are consistent. There is a cool feature in Preply: you can book a trial lesson to get the feeling of your new tutor, then decide if you like them or not. Enjoying the process is very important, that’s why you have to choose a nice for yourself.


Tip 4: Try to understand how the language works.

Getting the feeling of a language is crucial for becoming fluent. German might seem to be stuffed by complicated grammar when you start learning the language, but when you know the vocabulary and modal verbs a bit, things will get easier.

Learn the basic concepts of the language, and you can use English grammar for the comparison. Internalize the rules, and repeat the grammar ofter – you will notice how your speaking skills will improve. Sing songs in German in the shower, watch movies, do anything that can improve your skills.


Tip 5: Don’t overdo it.

It is prime while learning any language – do not overdo the learning. You might be preparing for your business trip or learning a language for entering the university. It is correspondingly crucial to have rest.

Stop spending your night learning the language, getting tired, and hating it. Study smart, and it will bring the results.


Bottom Line

The German language is a block-like language: the rhythms of the sentences and the phrases seem to be bracketed within their verbs. The German language is easier to understand for people who already speak a foreign language, and it is more difficult for the students who don’t.

Start learning the language now, use the tips we mentioned in the article and get fluent within a couple of months. Do not forget to have some rest and enjoy your learning!

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