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Faryha Salim biography: 13 things about Braden Ellis’s Cypress College professor from Mission Viejo, California

Faryha Salim
Faryha Salim

Faryha Salim is a resident of California, United States. Here are 13 more things about her:

  1. She lives in Mission Viejo, Orange County, California. (a) (b)
  2. Aside from Mission Viejo, she has lived in other parts of California including Laguna Woods, Lake Forest and Whittier. (c)
  3. In 2004, she graduated from California State University, Fullerton (Cal State Fullerton) in Fullerton, Orange County with a bachelor’s degree in speech communication. (a)
  4. In 2009, she earned her master’s degree in speech communication from Cal State Fullerton. (a)
  5. She was a teacher at Cerritos College in Norwalk, Los Angeles County, California. Hired as needed, she received a total of $9,445.72 pay and benefits in 2012. It increased to $4,448.93 in 2013, $13,801.00 in 2015, $26,520.00 in 2016, $19,873.00 in 2018, $26,480.00 in 2019. (d)
  6. On August 15, 2013, Cal State Fullerton took to Twitter to announced that she would be in Bahrain as a Fulbright Scholar from September 2013 to September 2014. (e)
  7. She was an instructor at Rancho Santiago Community College District in Santa Ana, Orange County. She received a total of $6,791.00 pay and benefits in 2015, $19,387.00 in 2016, $23,209.00 in 2017, $32,207.00 in 2018, $35,243.00 in 2019. (d)
  8. She was a fine arts teacher at El Camino College in Torrance, Los Angeles County. She received a total of $21,671.00 pay and benefits in 2016, $39,228.36 in 2017, $30,919.74 in 2018. (d)
  9. As a lecturer at Cal State Fullerton, she received a total of $9,105.21 pay and benefits in 2019. In the same year, she taught at Long Beach City College and received a total of $2,951.00 pay and benefits and was as an adjunct faculty member at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, Los Angeles County where she received a total of $11,140.00 pay and benefits. (d)
  10. In Spring 2021, she was an adjunct professor at Cypress College in Cypress, Orange County where she taught human communication. One of her students was Braden Ellis of Cypress. (f) (g)
  11. On April 28, 2021, she listened via Zoom to Ellis’s presentation on cancel culture and police on a verbal communications class, her first course as an adjunct professor at Cypress College. She repeatedly interrupted the student who believed that police are heroes, which she strongly disagreed with. (f) (g) (h)
  12. She was on leave after the video of her Zoom argument with Ellis on April 28, 2021 went viral. She was not expected to return to Cypress College in Fall 2021. On April 30, 2021, school officials announced that she will be absent from her position for the duration of her assignment at the school. (g) (h)
  13. She was 40 years old when Ellis became her student at Cypress College in 2021. Ellis was 19. (b) (h)


(This is a developing story. More details are being added.)


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  1. How is everybody getting the recording from the zoom class meeting? KTLA-5 won’t say how they obtained it. The Families Educational Rights and Privacy Act prohibits recording of classrooms. Zoom meetings are telecommunications like telephone calls. If that law weren’t enough, California is an all-party consent state. All parties must consent to the recording of telephone calls. I would imagine this goes for zoom calls, too. And, yet, the video is all over the place. KTLA-5’s only comment was it was given to them when asked if they knew it was illegal to record Zoom meetings. Cypress College didn’t seem to be too aware, either.


    • Calls are typically recorded for students who aren’t able to attend or so those who did attend can review what was discussed after the call. Calm down, no conspiracy here.


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