Complete list of Man of the World 2020 candidates

The fourth edition of Man of the World will take place in the Philippines in 2021. Daniel Georgiev, 27, of Bulgaria, who won the third edition on July 11, 2019, was dethroned so his runner-up Jin Kyum of South Korea will crown the new king.

More than 30 men will compete for the Man of the World 2020 title. Here is the list of candidates:

(This is an ongoing list. Updates will be added regularly.)

  1. Bangladesh
  2. Brazil
  3. Tacir Mermer (Belgium)
  4. Canada
  5. Chile
  6. Andres Arango (Colombia)
  7. Richard Coronado (Costa Rica)
  8. Immanuel Adenubi (Czech Republic)
  9. Kenneth Castillo (Dominican Republic)
  10. GianCarlo Leon Salcedo (Ecuador)
  11. Guyana
  12. Haiti
  13. Honduras
  14. India
  15. Ari Wibomo (Indonesia)
  16. Iraq
  17. Taishi Takano (Japan)
  18. Roy El Ghazal (Lebanon)
  19. Aiman Minsi (Malaysia)
  20. Danny Shikwambi (Namibia)
  21. Rawol Rajendra (Nepal)
  22. Tjardo Vollema (Netherlands)
  23. Panama
  24. Tommy Peñaflor (Philippines)
  25. Christian Fernandes (Portugal)
  26. Reynaldo Amid Maldonado (Puerto Rico)
  27. Shiv Ramsander (South Africa)
  28. Taejun Moon (South Korea)
  29. Javier Martin (Spain)
  30. Karim Azzoug (Suriname)
  31. Amjad Adnan Nouman (Syria)
  32. Thailand
  33. Johnathan Samuel (Trinidad and Tobago)
  34. Brandex Cruz (USA)
  35. Cesar Leonardo Urbaneja (Venezuela)
  36. Bui Xuan Dat (Vietnam)
  37. James Mwila (Zambia)


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