beauty pageant results

Miss Massachusetts USA 2021 results: Sabrina Victor crowns Sarah de Souza in Lowell

  • beauty pageant: Miss Massachusetts USA
  • edition: 70th
  • venue: Lowell Memorial Auditorium, Lowell, Massachusetts, United States
  • date: June 13, 2021
  • number of candidates: 70




TOP 16

  1. Jillian Barry
  2. Ysmeli De Los Santos
  3. Samantha Vocatura
  4. Ashley Cunningham
  5. Victoria Nasuti
  6. Morgan Dzicek
  7. Mallory Williams
  8. Olivia Alexandra
  9. Sarah de Souza
  10. Kelly McInnis
  11. Sophia Grayson
  12. Judy Lin
  13. Mary Collins
  14. Skarlet Ramirez
  15. Luara dos Santos
  16. Alexandra Maloney



  1. Skarlet Ramirez
  2. Ashley Cunningham
  3. Olivia Alexandra
  4. Luara dos Santos
  5. Samantha Vocatura
  6. Sarah de Souza



5th runner-upOlivia Alexandra
4th runner-upCaroline CooneyAshley Cunningham
3rd runner-upJhoannette Arias Samantha Vocatura
2nd runner-upAshley Baptista Skarlet Ramirez
1st runner-upJordan JagolinzerLuara dos Santos
Sarah de Souza

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