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Fridge stops cooling? Here are 7 things you should do


When it comes to home necessities, refrigerators are top-priority devices for homebuyers to get when they move in. They may be bulky machines, but they ensure food and drink items are fresh and cool all the time. So imagine what would happen if your fridge stops cooling, and all your favorite foods and ingredients go bad?

Before you think of entirely replacing your fridge, check for these six things and see if your can fix your machine and resume its cooling job:


1. See if your fridge is powered.

Your fridge may not be cooling because it’s not connected to a power source. Check if your fridge is plugged to its outlet. Avoid using extension cords as these may interfere with the power needed for your fridge to run smoothly.  If neither of these work, your outlet’s fuse could be worn out and replaced immediately to avoid fires.


2. Check if your door gasket is fine.

Your fridge’s gasket, the rubber lining around the door’s edges, is what keeps the refrigerator sealed and ensures that the cold air stays inside at all times. Think of it as a lock that keeps homes safe from intruders. It’s also similar to insulation systems that a handful of Pag-IBIG foreclosed houses have to keep their residents warm or cool, depending on the season. 

If your refrigerator won’t close properly, your gasket is most likely worn out and needs to be replaced. Otherwise, humidity may enter your fridge, spoil your food, or break your device due to the inconsistent temperature and unsealed doors.


3. Check your condenser and evaporator coils.

Typical refrigerators have condenser and evaporator coils located either under or at the back of the machine. Condenser coils may gather dust and debris over time, resulting in a blockage that halts the cooling process of your refrigerator. Look for these coils and vacuum the dust away. You may also use special refrigerator coil brushes for a gentler and thorough cleaning. Your fridge should start getting cold again.

For your evaporator coils, check whether they are covered in frost. If so, empty the fridge, unplug it, and let it thaw for one to two days. Your fridge should reboot and be able to keep  your food and beverage cold once again.


4. See if your evaporator fan is working.

Aside from relying on its evaporator coils, your fridge also depends on its evaporator fan. This fan is usually located at the back of the refrigerator. It draws out cool air from the coils to circulate the freezer, fridge body, and crisper. Should your evaporator fan be broken, it’s time to replace it with a new one.


5. Adjust your thermostat.

If you have kids, chances are they may have tinkered with the buttons and settings of your fridge. If you notice that your thermostat reads too hot, adjust the temperature back to its original state. If your fridge begins cooling again, then you might have to child-proof your fridge to keep your thermostat from breaking and food from going bad.


6. Take excess items out the fridge.

Sometimes, your fridge doesn’t cool properly because of the blockage of cold air. If your refrigerator is full of items, there is a chance that some items are blocking the cold air released by the evaporator fan. Leaving your refrigerator like this exhausts your fan, coils, and electricity needed to keep your items cool. You might even break your appliance if you don’t clear out your fridge.

Do a little spring cleaning in your refrigerator and take out excess items. You’ll notice foods that most likely went bad days or weeks ago. Throw all spoiled and expired food away. Return all the fresh food and beverages and enjoy a fully functional fridge once more.


7. Call for professional help.

If neither of the tips above didn’t work, it’s best to call for professional help. Your fridge needs to be checked by a specialist who can do extensive repairs or suggest a total replacement. It could also mean that your fridge has finally breathed its last breath, especially if it is an old and obsolete unit. For hi-tech refrigerators, their computer systems may have encountered an error and need resetting from the experts to work again.

Refrigerators are wonderful inventions that make our lives easier and better. Like most machines, they’ll wear out over time since new technology arises every day. But by taking care of your fridge and following these seven tips when they stop cooling, you’ll prolong the life of your fridge and enjoy fresh food all the time.

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