Todd Yao biography: 13 things about Californian doctor

Todd Tienwei Yao is a medical doctor from California, United States. Here are 13 more things about him:

  1. He lives in Cupertino, California. (a)
  2. He has lived in different parts of Texas, USA including Galveston and Houston. (a)
  3. He has lived in different parts of Kansas, USA including Shawnee and Overland Park. (a)
  4. He speaks English and Mandarin Chinese. (b)
  5. He is affiliated with Palo Alto Medical Foundation in Mountain View, California and Sutter Medical Network. (b)
  6. He specializes in emergency medicine, internal medicine and family medicine. (c)
  7. From 1992 to 1999, he worked for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Johnson Space Center in Houston as an engineer. (d)
  8. In 2003, he graduated from the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas. (c) (d)
  9. In 2004, he had his internship at the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City, Kansas. (b)
  10. In 2006, he had his residency at the University of Kansas Medical Center. (b)
  11. In November 2020, he allegedly started harassing a woman he once treated as a patient at an urgent-care clinic in Mountain View operated by Sutter Health. According to her, he repeatedly ignored her rejections of his romantic advances at her home in Sunnyvale, California, held her down to kiss her and physically forced himself on her on three separate occasions. (e)
  12. On July 8, 2021, the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety arrested him for sexual battery. (e)
  13. He was 50 years old when he was arrested on July 8, 2021. (e)



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