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Complete list of Mister Supranational Malta 2021 candidates

Mister Supranational Malta 2019 Yosef Vassallo, 24, will crown his successor on July 17, 2021. It will be the fifth edition of the national male beauty pageant that selects Malta’s official Mister Supranational candidate.

Malta has yet to win Mister Supranational. In 2019, Vassallo finished in the Top 20.

A total of 17 Maltese men are competing for the Mister Supranational Malta 2021 title. Here is the list of candidates:

  1. Raffael Fiedler
  2. Cleven Mallia
  3. Herman vassallo
  4. Nikola Milenkovic
  5. Miguel Triganza
  6. Selyn Grech
  7. Mathias Mangion
  8. Luciano Tamborrini
  9. Rheidal Galea
  10. Fabian Grech
  11. Axil Grima
  12. Kyle Darmanin
  13. Jean Carbonaro
  14. Kurt Camilleri
  15. Andrea Camilleri
  16. Gordon Calleja
  17. Neil Bonello


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