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4 retro sneakers to add to your 2021 collection

Vintage is making a comeback, especially when it comes to sportswear. Luxury brands like Gucci and Prada have resurrected nostalgic pieces like tracksuits and oversized athletic jackets. To complete these iconic looks, trendsetters are pairing them with retro-style sneakers, such as high-top kicks and all-white chunky shoes.

These retro shoes feature famous designs that people have loved and respected for several decades now. If anything, the throwback just proves that these kicks will remain cool and stylish for years to come.


1. Adidas Men’s Swift


The Adidas Swift line is full of sneakers for runners who want comfort and style. The line combines retro running designs with modern style elements to boost your performance and your outfit!

The Adidas Swift running shoes have a stretchy knit upper layer that ensures a snug fit whether you’re running laps or strolling around the park. Plus, while the sneaker’s design is simple and subtle, it has a retro flair in its chunky soles and classic design.


2. Air Jordans


The Jordan Brand is undeniably one of the most successful sneaker lines of all time. They are easy to identify with the Jumpman logo paying homage to the Hall of Fame basketball player Michael Jordan. The very first design was produced for him in 1984, a high-top sneaker that featured a red and black colorway.

This year, the prototype has been tweaked for the Jordan Brand’s fall retro collection featuring 14 different pairs to satisfy the sneakerhead community. The original Air Jordan 1 features the same high-top cut but now has four different colorways, including Electro Orange as well as a women’s exclusive, the Seafoam colorway. The collection also includes other retro classics, like the Air Jordan 3 and Air Jordan 6.


3. Converse Weapon CX


The Converse High Top shoes are the brand’s ultimate classic but other lines like the Converse Weapon CX deserve recognition, too. It’s a high-top sneaker with a 1980s basketball shoe design, making it a strong retro release. Fans of the sport will remember when the sneakers first debuted in 1985, just a year after the Air Jordan 1. Unlike the Air Jordans, however, the Weapon has rarely been brought back to the market.

Now, the long wait is over. The classic Weapon shoe shows off the same bright, color-blocked leather upper. It’s also infused with a comfortable midsole and outsole that you can expect from Converse’s CX line.


4. Reebok Club C


The Reebok Club C line has been labeled as dad shoes, which only proves that these are the ultimate retro sneakers. Unlike the previous sneakers, the Club C line was created in response to more minimalistic tennis dress codes. It was previously known as the Revenge Plus, and its original versions featured all-white leather uppers.

Today, the minimalist, retro sneakers have multiple variants, such as 
the modern Reebok Club C Mules. The shoes are also still available in the original colors, like Core Black, Ftwr White and Chalk/Glen Green.

Retro sneakers are known for their high-top cuts, chunky soles and minimalist colorways. Despite being retro in style, they’re making a huge comeback with major design improvements and more colorway options.

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