Atimonan, Quezon’s Ameera Almamari is Miss Philippines Air 2021

Ameera Almamari, 19, of Atimonan, Quezon, Philippines almost won Miss Philippines Earth 2021. It was Naelah Alshorbaji, 23, of Parañaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines who won the title.

Almamari is a senior high school student. The cause she chose to advocate for is the preservation of marine biodiversity. 

Before competing at Miss Philippines Earth 2021, Almamari was Mutya ng Atimonan 2020. She is 5’6″ tall.

“You have goals in life and things you want to do,” the Miss Earth Philippines 2021 top 10 finalists were asked in the final question-and-answer round. “Given the ongoing pandemic with lots of restrictions, how do you plan to move forward?”

“I plan to move forward even during this pandemic by starting with myself,” Almamari answered. “I have been in a slump this whole journey of this quarantine but I realized that if you find your purpose and you are able to give not only yourself but empower your communities to give them a voice because I believe no one in this world is voiceless. Then I think that I can move forward by making a change starting with the fisherfolks here and hopefully, I can encourage other people to use that little voice in their head because it only takes a spark of ambition and hope to change the world. ”


Broadcast on August 8, 2021, the Miss Philippines Earth 2021 coronation ceremony was held virtually due to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and hosted by Robi Domingo. Reigning Miss Earth 2020 Lindsey Coffey, 29, of the United States and Miss Earth 2018 Nguyễn Phương Khánh, 26, of Vietnam served as judges along with Kim Atienza, 57, Marc Nelson, 49, Michael Seifert and Carousel Productions executive vice president Lorraine Schuck.

Including Alshorbaji and Almamari, 66 candidates competed for the Miss Philippines Earth 2021 title. The Atimonan representative ranked second and won the Miss Philippines Air 2021 title.

Aside from Alshorbaji and Almamari, three other queens were crowned namely Miss Philippines Water 2021 Rocel Angelah Songano, 18, of Iloilo City, Miss Philippines Fire 2021 Roni Meneses, 26, of Mandaluyong City and Miss Philippines Eco Tourism 2021 Sofia Lopez Galve, 24, of Tanay, Rizal. In case Alshorbaji is not able to represent the Philippines at Miss Earth 2021, she will be replaced by Almamari, Songano, Meneses or Galve.

At Miss Philippines Earth 2020, Atimonan’s representative Marie Sherry Ann Quintana Tormes, 29, ranked fourth and won the Miss Philippines Fire 2020 title. The other winners were Miss Philippines Air 2020 Patrixia Shirley Santos, 28, of Daraga, Albay, Miss Philippines Water 2020 Maria Gianna Llanes, 25, of Mandaluyong City, Miss Philippines Eco Tourism 2021 Ilyssa Marie Mendoza, 20, of Melbourne, Australia and Miss Philippines Earth 2020 Roxanne Allison Baeyens, 24, of Baguio City, Philippines

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