beauty pageant results

Miss Nicaragua 2021 results: Ana Marcelo crowns Allison Wassmer in Managua

  • beauty pageant: Miss Nicaragua
  • edition: 39th
  • date: August 14, 2021
  • venue: Holiday Inn Managua – Convention Center, Managua, Nicaragua
  • broadcaster: Vos TV
  • hosts: Ana Marcelo, Valeria Sanchez
  • number of candidates: 8



  1. Isabella Salgado, 24, Chinandega, Chinandega
  2. Kathy Davis, 25, Chichigalpa, Chinandega
  3. Zulema Bravo, 26, Acoyapa, Chontales
  4. Geyssell García, 26, Santo Tomas, Chontales
  5. Allison Wassmers, 26, Managua, Managua
  6. Sheryl Artola, 25, Masaya, Masaya
  7. Glennys Medina Segura, 28, Rivas, Rivas
  8. Schawass Granados, 27, Puerto Cabezas, Región Autónoma de la Costa Caribe Norte (RACCN)



  1. Isabella Salgado (Chinandega)
  2. Zulema Bravo (Acoyapa)
  3. Allison Wassmers (Managua)
  4. Sheryl Artola (Masaya)
  5. Glennys Medina Segura (Rivas)
  6. Schawass Granados (RACCN)



PLACEMENT 2019 20202021
4th runner-upIngrid Tatiana Pérez
3rd runner-upJocelyn Berríos
Magdalena Jarquin
2nd runner-upEmily Julieta Morán
Cindy Bustamante
Zulema Bravo
1st runner-up Sugey Carolina Zamora Ruiz
Geyssell Garcia
Glennys Medina Segura
Miss Charm NicaraguaSugey Carolina Zamora Ruiz
(Jinotega) *appointed
Ana Marcelo
Allison Wassmer

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